Refuge in Altier

Part 2 

The lower city of Altier has always been a haven for the city's less than savory folk. Those who live in the lower city rely almost entirely on the wasteful citizens of the upper city who, for the most part, think nothing of what resources they waste by simply throwing them away. Most who dwell in the bottom tiers of the city have come to despised those who live in the high sunlit spires, viewing them as selfish elitists responsible for their blight. Ironically, most who reside in the upper city consider the denizens of the lower city to be parasites of their city. Since the redistribution of guards and resources, to better protect the upper city, crime and unrest in the lower city has began to intensify.  

To make matters worse, bands of refugees from the northern provinces of Allegheny and Shenandoah have begun trickling into Altier seeking shelter from the attacks in the north. Most of these refugees are condemned to the lower city by the aristocracy of Altier who still hope the conflict in the north is a temporary situation. 

The influx of refugees has only complicated matters further in the crowded lower city. While the light skinned, dark haired northerners find themselves in an even more percarious situation than before, the Altierans of the lower city have been given yet another reason to be angry. Perhaps worst of all is that their newest predicament is very tangible with a face different from their own.  

To be continued next week....

- Charles VanMeter -


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