Salvaging What Remain

(Part 7)

Hundreds more of the abominable creatures the Wardens had encountered in the north quickly found their way past the walls of Altier like spiders crawling through the cracks of a crumbling monastery in the dead of night. 

The timing of the creatures’ arrival could not have come at a worse time for Altier. The riots were nearly quelled in all but a few sections of the lower and upper city, which were still dominated by wanton bands of lower city dwellers.

Almost overnight, thousands of the grotesque humanoid creatures found their way into the Altierians’ homes, slaughtering tens of thousands in their sleep. The massacre of the common citizens only slightly slowed as the sun rose. Where before the people had no warning, now they had a chance to barricade their residence, typically buying them almost an entire two more minutes of life as the creatures tore the into their homes.  

As Terallion masterfully crept through the city, he sought to find any survivors who he believed could pull their own weight. The metallic scent of fresh blood filled Terallion’s nose, almost masking the smell of the smouldering ruins of what used to be homes and shops. 

- by Charles VanMeter -


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