7 Makeup And Skincare Commandments Everyone Should Follow

Most of us have a "tried and tested" skincare routine that we all live by. Whether it be 1 step or 24 steps, we are all guilty of spending hours on our computers watching every beauty guru talk about the same spot treatment. Regardless of how much makeup you wear, maintaining a healthy base is an essential commandment to live by! 

1. Hydration is KEY
There is nothing more irritating than having dry patchy and flakey skin! It's embarrassing and a hassle to get rid of. Applying a healthy amount of moisturizer both morning and night is an excellent way to maintain healthy plump skin. Always drink at least 8 cups of water daily because how you treat your body on the inside, ultimately affects your body on the outside. 

Kiehls is a fantastic brand that specializes in mainstream skincare. The Ultra Facial Cream is a moisturizer filled with an abundance of natural ingredients that help fight dehydration in the skin. As an avid user, I live for this product and it helps get rid of my flaky patches along my t-zone during California's bipolar weather tantrums! Kiehl's also carry a variety of skin treatments and toners that can help target specific skin tones and problems, so you guys should check them out and go in for some free samples!
If you are willing to splurge a little, Sunday Riley's Luna Sleeping Oil is a great way to fight acne and also moisture and balance out your skin. It may have a potent scent and crazy color, but the results will definitely have you addicted to this night oil!

2. Know your skin!
Whether you have dry to oily skin, knowing your skin is very important when trying out new products. The main reason why people tend to breakout is due to our pores clogging from bacteria and harsh ingredients. Knowing what your skin reacts well to is crucial when trying to maintain healthy skin. It may take a couple trial and errors, but knowing and staying away from harmful ingredients will help avoid a lot of stressful nights of picking and poking. 

3. Your brows must always be on FLEEK, just kidding!
Eyebrows are sisters and not twins. Drawing perfect boxes with 45 degree angled arches is a big taboo when I do client's makeup. First, find your right shade. When finding the right shade, picking a shade that is one to two shades lighter than your hair is perfect. Don't get me wrong, I love a strong dark brow from time to time, but for everyday makeup picking a lighter shade will look more suitable and clean. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills is the Queen of brows! They just launched a new product called the Eyebrow Definer which has a more waxy formula than the Brow Wiz, but both products are great for creating amazing brows! Also, don't forget about brow gel. Waterproof or not, finishing off with brow gel is key to keeping them bad boys on all day and night. The Brow Gel, by Anastasia Beverly Hills, is good for all skin colors and even great as a mascara! If you want the look of beautiful perky lashes, applying some clear brow gel will help open up your eyes without having to check every five minutes if you've turned into a panda! Also, a little trick for brown eyed boys and girls is to pick a shade that is lighter as it can make your eyes pop!

4. Powder or Liquid Foundation?
As a makeup artist, clients always ask me what type of foundation and concealer they should use. The endless varieties these products come in nowadays are ridiculous! From powder to cream to aerosol, picking the type of foundation you want has become a bigger issue than finding the right shade.

For dry skin, I recommend trying out a tinted moisturizer. Obviously, the title itself is self-explanatory, but Laura Mercier's line of Tinted Moisturizers is a great alternative for a foundation that combines both the moisture and color for dry skin types!

For Oily Skin, sticking to powdered foundations might help. Make Up For Ever has a large shade selection of Mat Powered Foundations that are very popular and convenient. Also, MAC's Studio Fix Powder is a great alternative for oily skinned people.


For combination skin, you have best of both worlds, but actually the hardest skin type. From an oily T-zone to dry patches, your skin tries to play you. Try NARS Sheer Glow. They also have a Sheer Matte, but I personally love Sheer Glow. Although the name screams sheer and oily, the foundation itself is very hydrating, yet mattifying. The foundation is very buildable, which is important for combination skin as we tend to pack on too much product onto our dry patches which only exaggerates flakey skin.

5. That Contour THO
We all know Kim Kardashian is the reason why we started this contour trend and its been blown way out of proportion. Drawing the darkest shade on the fairest girls just for that contour is definitely a no go, no matter how much you blend. Choosing a bronzer that is one to two shades darker than your foundation is definitely more than enough. Bronzers are supposed to enhance our natural shading from our bone structure, so using a buildable product will create a natural contour. Kevyn Aucoin's Sculpting Powder is a must have in my makeup kit. It is a bit pricey but the product speaks for itself. Picking a cooler toned bronzer versus a warmer tone will create a more chiseled and natural effect when contouring.

6. Kylie Jenner Lips
Ever since Kylie enhanced her lips, they have been the key to success (DJ Khaled Voice). In my opinion, lips are one of the first physicals traits that I look at when I meet people! Hydrating, just like your face, is super crucial when wearing lip products.Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream is such a versatile product. I use it as a lip balm, cuticle treatment, moisturizer, foot heel treatment, sun protectant, etc! It is definitely an essential in my makeup kit and everyday life!

Facial masks are so fun! Who used to love playing beauty shop with your friends at your sleepover when you were little? Well then guess what, you should be having a slumber party every week! Facial masks are great ways to boost your skin and give it all that extra nutrients with the fun of taking crazy snapchats of yourself pretending to peel off your "actual" skin. Glam Glow's Supermud Clearing Treatment is an intense product that will have everyone fanning themselves through the cooling sensation that we all love to hate. Aside from the "pain", the results are amazing. I personally use this mask as a pimple and pore treatment. Another mask that is a little less harsh is Boscia's Multi-Masking Medley. Now this pack comes with four different masks, but my favorite is the Bright White Mask! It is great for hydrating and having a great time. As it dries, you can peel off the mask and take funny pictures!

Definitely, try out these products and let us know what you think! If you guys have any questions or even recommendations for fellow Otis students, you guys should leave a comment below and let everyone know whats up!

- By Sean Kim -


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