LAS Chairs Review

THE GOOD / Nothing. Literally nothing.

THE BAD / What possible good could come from the ultimate evil?

THE BOTTOM LINE / If at all possible, avoid sitting in these chairs for longer than, oh… I’d say about 30 seconds if you care at all about the well-being of your lower half or your elbows and back. 

Do you like your spine misaligned? Do you go to weekly chiropractor visits? Do you ever wish your butt would just go numb for a while? Well if you answered yes to any of these questions, then the lovely chairs provided in your LAS and lecture classrooms will be perfect for you! These chairs supposedly provide support for the lower half of your body to sit in, while your upper body relaxes against the hard, unsporting, cold metal material for hours on end. Remember those annoying chairs we had in high school? Well say goodbye to those awful things, and say hello to these bad boys, so much better.

If you’re sitting there thinking, wait are these just folding chairs, how am I supposed to take notes or eat food? Don’t worry, the creators of these chairs thought of everything, with their arm rest/ writing surface, now you’ll never need to worry about doodling in class on your lap. Perfect for holding just about anything you put on it, with it’s oh so slight added tilt, it’s like a slide for your objects! Be sure to not put your food/ laptop on it though because it might end up on the floor, in pieces. Just make sure you’re right handed because they only make the writing surface on the right side. Left handed people do not exist to the creators of these chairs!

The chairs are made with your standard everyday folding chair, but are update with the sleek design and added writing surface. They are a slimming black color, with an off white/brown surface. The chair gives you about as much support as leaning against a wall for 4 hours would, but with the added feature of being able to sit down. These chairs are free to sit on, but let’s be honest; we are all envious of the teacher who gets the awesome rolly chair while we sit on pure sadness. If you like not having feeling in your lower half, then these are the chairs for you!

- by Elyse Clark -


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