Hey, Otis Owls! Today, I brought you some fashion picks to get ready for the summer!

White shirt 1 and 2

First up, the forever-classic white shirt!!! For those of you who don’t own a pair yet, it is one of the most basic items to have. A fresh and clean white shirt is a must-have item for the summer. Pair it with any denim jean and it becomes a very simple look, giving you a natural, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The collection also makes you look and feel energetic, fresh and young. It is definitely one of the best looks for college students.

Skirts are the best for summer! 

This look makes her seem very romantic and elegant—I wanted to meet her in Paris. The color palette of this collection is soft and delicate-khaki yellow coat plus a grey top. A flower pattern skirt totally pops and makes the whole collection shine. The length of the skirt perfectly matches the length of the coat and adds layering and a feeling of floating.

Overalls in the summer!!!

Another classic, overalls making its way back to summer! In denim, khaki, or black overalls are easily matched with almost all styles of tops and shoes. In the look above, the model is wearing white sneakers, a simple grey top, and khaki green ovals to showcase her simple and clean look. It is natural and comfortable at the same time.

Fashionista Professor
Meet our fashionista professor, pulling off an elegant look in all blue.

The blue patterned shirt is elegant and matches the denim jeans. She also used a light blue vest to soften the overall colors while contrasting with her gorgeous lace-up flats. A pair of lace-up flats is one of the most popular items this year. Women always need the best shoes and bags, right? Her accessories also enhance her outfit. The gold pocket watch, the necklace and bracelets are wonderful accents. The shiny metal with the silk shirt is suuuper delicate.

All black or all white
All Black vs. All White. Which one is your taste?

Little black dress plus black leather jackets plus black boots. What a cool and sexy look! She successfully matches a pair of shiny grey socks to make her look delicate. The length of the socks and the length of the skirt create a perfect ratio to help her legs look longer. The all white look makes her look like a lovely angel shining in the summer light. The high-heel sandals and the shorts also highlight her long legs while she holds her blue purse as a statement piece.


sporty jacket and dress
Boyish sporty jacket plus striped shirt-dress

Dresses, not only can be cute and sweet, but it can also be sporty and tomboyish. A shirt-dress can boost a female’s confidence and make her look professional and suited for the office. The navy color stripe feels neat and clean. Match the dress with a loose sporty-jacket and a pair of sneakers, and she can be the coolest girl this summer.

- by Amy Gao -


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