American fast food is global! The Asian market has learned to adapt and change the original American menu to suit the Asian palate by incorporating local flavors. 
Have you tried these international foods from your favorite fast food companies? Well,you might not have because some of them don't exist in America.

1. McDonald's

The Shrimp Burger: The Shrimp Burger is popular in Asia because it has a crispy crust coating and the shrimp tastes soft and slightly sweet. And there is also a shrimp burger with pineapple inside. The flavor of sweet and sour is so tasty!


Curly Fries: These Curly Fries has a coating of delicious seasoning. It brings out much more flavor!

Ice Cream (Sakura Flower & Black Sesame Flavor)


  Can you imagine Americans eating ice cream that's Sakura flower or Black Sesame flavor? Well, the Chinese love it including my friends and me. My favorite is Black Sesame flavor.

2. KFC
Rice Bowl: The rice bowl comes with soup and salad. It's warm and satisfying just like a full meal.


  Here's a fun Japanese KFC Fact: The Japanese enjoy eating KFC and strawberry cake on Christmas day, but in order to eat, they must make appointments and dine inside the store.

  When I visited my grandma in a hospital in Beijing, China, I saw a 93 years old senior living in the same hospital room and she was eating a KFC egg tart for lunch. It was amusing to see a senior eating KFC in the hospital. Her family told us that even if she is sick because of old age, she still eats well and she loves KFC.

3. Pizza Hut


 Pizza Hut in Asia is considered a well-furnished restaurant to dine in. Their menu includes baked rice, fried rice, pasta, dessert, side dishes, and of course, pizza. The restaurant also offers good service and a pleasurable dining atmosphere.

Smoked Salmon pizza is absolutely my favorite from the Asian Pizza Hut. There is rich cheese inside the crust paired with a soft bread base.

  It's so interesting to see that these American Fast Food companies are spreading so rapidly in the Asian market. If you ever travel to Asia, while you're enjoying the local culture and food, don't forget to also check out the amazing American fast food places where you'll have a completely different experience than the one in America!

- Written by Fengjiao Gao -


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