Hello my fellow students, in honor of Black History Month (which ended yesterday but you can never have enough black history), I’ve compiled a list of my favorite overall amazing black ladies. Give it a read why dontcha?

First up on the list is the one and only Hattie McDaniel. She is a very important woman because not only was she one of the first African American women on the radio, but her role as Mammy in the movie "Gone with the Wind" led her to be the very first African American women to receive an Academy Award. This role led to many other roles for her, and even after her death she was remembered, and in 1975 she was put into the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame.

Next, we have the amazing Lupita Nyong’o. Other than being just beautiful, she is also an amazing actress. She is an international filmmaker and actress known for her Academy Award-winning role as Patsey in Steve McQueen's "12 Years a Slave." She has also appeared on the covers of magazines like Instyle, Vouge, and W. and has appeared in many makeup commercials and branding.

Harriet Tubman was an African-American abolitionist, humanitarian, a nurse and, during the American Civil War, a Union spy. She was able to lead hundreds of slaves to their freedom through the Underground Railroad. After she died, she was buried in Fort Hill Cemetery in Auburn with military honors. Truly an icon and inspiration to those looking for equality and freedom.

Mae Carol Jemison is an American physician and NASA astronaut. She became the first African American woman to travel in space when she went into orbit aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavor. After changing course from being an astronaut, she began teaching and created the Jemison Group, a company that works to research, develop, and market advanced technologies

Michelle Obama is of course married to our current president, Barack Obama, but she’s also so much more than that. She went to Harvard Law School and became a lawyer, and she’s also a writer. Through her time being in the White House she’s become a role model for women and children, while focusing her attention on social issues like health, education, and poverty. She is a beautiful woman inside and out, and really puts her time into her family and what she believes in.

Last but not least I have someone, or should I say something a little different, she’s not so much a real person, but a doll. Who am I referring to? The new American Girl, Melody Ellison. In honor of Black History Month, American Girl decided to make a doll that reflected the times of the Civil Rights Movement in the 60s. Melody is a nine year old girl living in Detroit in the mid 1960s, and her story goes through her life living in this time and place and learning about all the racial inequality around her. Pretty good stuff from American Girl I must admit.

Now you might be thinking, hey where are all the black guys? You weren’t? Oh, well in case you were, let me just say that of course there are thousands upon thousands of amazing and wonderful black men that I didn’t mention here. For this post I wanted to focus on the women, being a woman myself and all. I thought it was right we were boosted up just a little bit. 

In case you really wanted to know about some great African American men throughout our history, here’s a few names you can research; Jerry Lawson is the creator of the video game cartridge, Frederick Douglass was an African-American social reformer, abolitionist, orator, writer, and statesman, Martin Luther King, Jr. was an American Baptist minister, activist, humanitarian, and leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement.

- Written by Elyse Clark -







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