Top 10 Product Design Instagram Accounts for Inspiration 

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking service and it gives me an opportunity to follow whomever and whatever design anytime I want. As a Product Design student, I am going to share some great accounts that showcase designer's products, furniture, and pottery that I think are great works of art.  

Helen is a Pot-Ographer based in Brooklyn, NYC. This Semester in Product Design, we are exploring clay making. I thought the ocean pattern she made is really interesting.

2. leibal
Leibal is minimalist design created by Tokyo-based designer Nendo. Nendo not only does product design, but also interior and architectural design. And after I first saw this post, I decided to make my future studio look like this. 

Woodworker Yamagen Yokohama, is based in Japan and his furniture is known for its joinery which does not require any screws. In other words, each piece locks into place! In the first semester of Product Design, we explored wood joinery. You might think doing this is just a piece of cake, but this particular joinery requires a lot of measurement and patience. I really admire him and his craft. 

4. reidschlegel 
Reid Schlegel is an industrial designer based in NYC and I got instantly inspired by his fantastic sketches. Sketching is one of the most essential techniques for designers and, no matter which major you are, it's always good to know your fundamentals and Schlegal clearly explores that. 

In my opinion, marble and wood is always the best combination for furniture, and product design. I would like to make a coffee table inspired by this.

Ariele is a wood crafter in NYC, Brooklyn, and her work is more focused on wooden utensils. Her beautiful designs are featured on everyday objects that keeps the mundane exciting! 

Here is another great product designer with a minimal design style that I particularly enjoy. They also have a physical store in Los Angeles you can visit.

Dutch designer brand United Nude currently has stores in London, NYC, Seoul and Tokyo. They design mainly accessories, this one below is my favorite.

Muji is a non-frill, anti-brand design label found in Japan in 1980. They offer a variety of goods that have a minimal design style. What makes Muji special is that they don't have any marks or logs on their products. Fortunately, people still recognize their original style.

10. wkrmn 
WKRMN is a one man design studio creating products in the Midwest. One day I noticed a lot of people carrying pocket knives, so that inspired me to do some research on pocket knives and I ended up browsing his great designs.

- Written by Frank Chiu -


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