twisty the clown

Freak Show Episode 2:

This episode really begins to develop the story and plot, while cleaning up some details that were left hanging in the last episode. This episode also proves itself to be a lot creepier. Here we are introduced with several new characters, as well as their background stories. These characters, the Strong Man and his wife, who is a hermaphrodite with three breasts, are very pitiable when they first appear at the circus but as the episode goes on we come to know their past history of violence and carnage.

Now aren't they the spitting image of a carny couple?

As the show continues, they prove to be nothing but trouble for Elsa Mars and the rest of her freaks. The Strong Man is headstrong and decides that he wants the Freak Show to begin at an earlier hour, but when challenged by Mars he immediately becomes controlling and brutal. Seeing this, Jimmy Darling, The Lobster Boy decides that the Strong Man is bad news and needs to leave. Jimmy's unsuccessful plan leaves a very lovable character, Meep the Geek, in jail where he is murdered. Even though Meep bit the heads off of chickens, he didn't seem like such a bad guy.

See, a little off­-putting, but not so bad.

Twisty the Clown who was a maniac to begin with becomes even scarier. As soon as the episode begins, we find that he has already beheaded a toy shop owner, and soon kills a concerned employee. After putting the man's head in his bag, he continues on his way only to be hired by a very wealthy woman, who has a very bored son. In order to please him, she hires Twisty and brings him home with her.

Does he really seem like the type of clown you'd want to hire and bring home?

After a short play date, Twisty leaves the mansion without killing the boy, surprisingly enough, and leaves to go home. When he arrives, his captives try to escape and his mask slips off, and we discover why he never speaks or takes his mask off. Despite his horrifying appearance, the wealthy boy has taken an odd liking to Twisty, and helps him re­capture his captives. Twisty is truly the full package, disturbing, disgusting, and a murderer all in one clown.

What we all thought was scary with a mask, is even scarier without one.

The costume designs for this season are my favorites, compared to the previous ones. The outfits are very fitting for the time period that it takes place in, and they boost the quality of the episodes. The best costume in my opinion is, of course, Twisty the Clown's. His costume is dirty and dingy, but still looks believable as an old­-timey clown costume. What he wears in each episode adds to his appeal, and makes him increasingly macabre. The best part of his outfit would have to be the nasty pom poms and droopy ruffle collar. I mean, look at how mangy they look. No child would want to be near that.




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