1. Comic Con Fanatics

Love for anime led them to want to draw big eyed and highly rendered cartoons. They love Japan but their ancestors hail from the midwest. They love tiny trinkets dressing up in costume and Hi-Chew.

2. The Gamer

This student has GameStop on speed dial. They show their devotion and loyalty to their videogame by owning several t-shirts of it. Since they can rip you a new one on any video game console they have above average confidence - at least in the virtual world.

3. The Artist

Their wardrobe looks like a compilation of Jackson Pollock paintings. Unfortunately, its all blue jeans with paint splatters on them. You see them all around campus carrying supplies gearing up for their next masterpiece.

Tip: Invest in an apron.

4. The “Grandparent”

This student is old, seriously older than your parents. But hey, it’s never too late to get educated and expand your horizons.

5. Educated Gang$taa

They wear baggy pants and baggy jackets. They wear their hat to the side and headphones over it like Eminem from the movie 8 Mile.

6. Indie-Hip

This student is craving the munchies right about now. Luckily, $8 chai tea lattes and cigarettes are a great way to suppress your hunger. They're all vegan, recycled, fair trade canvas hemp shoes remind you that everything is alright, man.

7. The Punks

This student embraces the darker side of life. We can all learn something from that.

8. The Fashionistas

“What’s the big occasion? Nothing, why? I thought it was fashion week?” Seeing a fashion student is like seeing a unicorn, good luck. But if you do, make sure to ask them for some fashion advice.

9. The Disney Clan

I get it Walt Disney was a genius but just like in Toy Story, Andy had to grow up. Luckily you’re not alone, Otis is a place where it is cool to be a member of the Disney Clan.

10. The Weekend Warrior

This student works nonstop and doesn’t sleep all week due to “the workload.” Monday through Friday you can find them working vigorously at Otis or at home but when Saturday rolls by you can see them pounding shots and dancing to EDM somewhere.



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