It's about that time again. Halloween is here! 

Otis College of Art and Design will be holding three different events on campus during the week of Halloween along with a daytrip to one of Southern California's most unique haunting experiences. All students, facility and staff are encouraged to join us to take a break away from homework and work and have some fun dancing, dressing up, eating candy, winning prizes, getting crafty, listening to music, watching movies, and going to the Queen Mary's Dark Harbor Halloween Event in Long Beach.


Dead Week Crafting

When: October 28, Tuesday 11AM
Where: The quad area outside the Galef Building

Create your own Voodoo-doll and make a Day of the Dead flowers while listening to music and enjoying snacks provided by Otis Student Activities.

Halloween Movie Night

When: October 29, Wednesday 7:30 PM
Where: The lawn area outside the Galef Building

Get cozy by wearing your pajamas, and bringing your pillows and blankets to the lawn area outside of the Galef Building. Munch on treats while getting the bejeesus scared out of you!

Halloween Day Events

When: October 31, Friday 11:30AM
Where: The lawn area outside the Galef Building

Wear your Halloween costume to school! The participants with the best costumes will receive prizes. Don't forget your dancing shoes, because there will be a dance off! Student Bite and Flight will be across campus. We will be participating in the college-wide office decorating contest. Be sure to get your candy and treats!

The Queen Mary's Dark Harbor: 
Evil Lurks Within

When: October 30th, Thursday
Departing from Otis at 5PM
Where: The Queen Mary, Long Beach CA

Otis is taking a trip to Queen Mary's Dark Harbor. This year's Dark Harbor is
full of new attractions, such as two new mazes and a new Voodoo Village. It is
an event full of terror, food, live entertainment, rides, monsters, mazes, DJs and
bands, drag shows, and new freak shows! The bus will be departing from Otis at
5 PM and returning from the Dark Harbor at 8:30PM. Sign up to join a night 
of fun and terror in Ahmanson Room B02!

- Apsen -


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