“Yeezy”, “Ye”... Sound familiar? I’ll make it easy for you. Kanye West. Yeah, now you know who I’m talking about, and if you don’t -  just keep reading. Recently I went to one of his concerts, his first since the 2008 concert called “Glow in the Dark." This one was titled “The Yeezus Tour.” I’ll be honest, I've never really been a fan of Kanye and it wasn’t anything personal, I just wasn’t into his music. I never went looking for his songs and only listened whenever they were on the radio and that was about it. 

Okay, now back to “The Yeezus Tour." My best friend was kind enough to invite me with an extra ticket she had… who can pass that up? The seats were pretty close, and newly engaged Mr. West here had been quite the talk of the town at the time. Another thing I almost forgot to mention was that Kendrick Lamar was the opening act and I am a very huge fan of the guy. So that was one reason to go and my other one was “Hey I might see a Kardashian, I don’t know why that would matter, but sure that’s another reason to go.” I had all these excuses in my head to convince myself to enjoy it than not care about it. 

Finally the day came on October 26th, and we went off to the Staples Center. It was packed, and the crowd was filled mostly with people around my age or so. We got to our seats, and let me tell you that stage was looking really awesome. It was dark and all I can make out was a big mountain-looking thing and a big circular screen hanging over it. Once the stage crew got everything ready to go, the show was ready to begin. Kendrick Lamar came out, did his thing and pumped up the crowd. Once that was done we had to wait a little while more on the stage crew for Kanye’s performance. Finally, out of nowhere the creepiest opera-like music started playing and all I saw was a cloud of fog coming from the stage and these weird yet very sexy women coming out of it. Kanye West was following right after them and the crowd went crazy. 

Throughout the performance he sang songs that were new and did a throwback with some of his old songs fans still love to this day. For example, he performed “Jesus Walks” and Jesus literally walked out on stage.

Yeah… There were some very interesting things going on that it was like I kind of got what he was trying to symbolize but then there was times where I was so confused. And an example of that was when this creature came out from the mountain stage prop but I didn’t get how that played into his whole “Yeezus” image. Who knows, and who cares? All I can say is that I left that concert proud to call myself a Kanye West fan. It’s hard trying to explain why that happened, but I feel that the image he is trying to put out there is so powerful. 

I know the guy is being an asshole and practically calling himself the Messiah but that’s just what he wants to do; and you can’t say it’s not working, he’s been pretty successful with it. What I find appealing is that he knows he runs shit, and he doesn’t take crap from anybody, so I guess you can say this dude influences me. I never want to call myself a god but it’s always good to have that mentality secretly at least. That way you’re always at the peak of your game. So with that said, this concert was a successful one. Everyone who helped create the setup did an amazing job. 

That’s just my opinion though; I’d like to know what you guys think. Leave a comment below whether it’s positive or negative, we love the feedback.


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