Destini Café not only serves delicious Asian food, but also provides a cozy environment for customers. The dining area is surrounded by tropical plants and works of art; immersing you in a pleasant atmosphere. During the day, the sun shines into the dining area along with a cool breeze blowing from the ocean. I remember the first time that I walked into the restaurant; out of all the beautiful pieces of artwork, the Buddha fountain located in the middle added a mystical Asian ambiance to the restaurant that took me to another place and time.

The dishes at Destini Café are very health-oriented and refreshing. Most dishes come with fresh vegetables cooked with salt and oil. The dishes are served in large portions with affordable prices. The price per meal ranges from $6 to $13. Lunch specials are around $9.

My favorite dish is the Vegetable Bibimbap (as you can see in the picture above). Bibimbap is a signature Korean dish, where the steamed rice is placed in a traditional hot stone bowl with vegetables and a raw egg on top. I personally love Bibimbap mixed with the Korean chili paste. The classic combination of steamed rice, melting egg yolk, fresh carrots, bean sprouts, and mushrooms places this nutritious and delicious meal at the top of my list of favorite foods.

Also, their Chicken Curry Fried Rice absolutely suits my taste. The portion is huge. You will never get out of this restaurant hungry. The combination of Indian curry and Chinese fried rice creates an original Asian dish. I remember the first bite I took. I was so surprised at this combination. The rich chicken taste first came to my tongue, then the rice mixed with mushrooms and lettuce, then finally the curry.

If you find yourself not too hungry, Destini Café also provides a good atmosphere for afternoon tea. It has a wide collection of teas. To be honest, there are so many teas I have never tried or even seen in my life. I always order Honey Bush Tea as my personal preference. I loved the honey smell in my tea. The tea is not too overly sweet and refreshes me when I am too stressed out from school.

After a busy day at school, Destiny Café is definitely the place to chill. Below is a great rout to avoid traffic at rush hour.


 - Hung-Yi -


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