It's 3am and suddenly your eyelids are closing. There is an imprint of the table on your forehead. Is that.... drool on your sleeve? Not really sure what to do, where to go? Struggling for consciousness? Well, here are a few hidden gems on the Otis campus that may or may not help you with your dilemma.

Back Seat Naps

Inside your car in the parking lot is a fine idea if there were no other cars driving around. The speed bumps in the parking lot create erratic noises when drivers decide to race car it out of there.  If you enjoy being jolted awake or are a heavy sleeper, by all means, go ahead and take that nap. But if not, the fourth floor (the rooftop) of the parking lot is going to be your best bet. The top floor is the final stop and there are no other cars driving around to awaken you from your sweet oh-so sensual slumber.

The Makeshift Bed

Perfect for all-nighter naps
Foundation Floor
The second floor of the Ahmanson building has these very nice convenient red couches that can be rearranged into a bed. There has to be around fifty cushions there that can be piled into a fort, (highly recommended (please don't) and there are usually no people on the second floor after a certain time. (10:30 pm?) When the lights turn off, and it’s just you and the silence of the school with your red couch fort-bed, spending the night here on campus isn’t the worst idea that you’ve ever had. The same also goes for the red couches in the Galef building by the gallery, just put the front ends of the couches together to create a quick and easy bed. Those couches don’t get enough recognition. Ahem.

Only Need 5 Minutes?
Student Lounge's Lovesac

The student lounge was especially made for a quick nap, but it happens to be too close to the  entrance of the Ahmanson building and has a tendency to get finger-numbingly cold. If you happen to have a blanket with you (which you always should, in case of emergencies), the Lovesac floor cushions are perfect to curl up in. Just make sure your timing is on point and you aren’t in there during Family Guy reruns, which attract flocks of gobble-gabblers. Which means noise.

You haven't seen the sun in two days, 
but still want to 
catch up on your z's?

If you need some sun/warmth and want to catch up on your Vitamin Ds, there are always the benches/patio-furniture-esque creation things made by the architecture students a few years back. They’re right by the Galef building near the grass area, and the design of the benches are suited to accommodate a lying position. During that one-hour break in your six-hour studio class, the benches are perfect to give your outdoor deprived skin a healthy dose of sunray (and to give your eyelids a little mini-break). And they're free. If that helps.

Peace & Quiet

Last but not least, there happens to be the library where noise is never a problem (most of the time). If privacy isn’t an issue and you don’t mind curious eyes, then sleeping in one of the booths can be your best bet. The library is never too cold or too hot. And besides, you deserve that nap wherever and whenever you want to crash. But mostly wherever.

- Tina -


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