Hello Owls!

Did you ever feel troubled about what to wear in the early morning? And you don't even have enough time to think? Let's see what our fashionable schoolmates' wore this week.



Forever classic - All BLACK
If you are in doubt, all black never goes wrong! Black is loved by so many fashion designers. This girl wore different textures of black, layering black upon black. Shoes are so important and this pointy leather shoes shows attitude! Black leather shoes are also easy to clean. You only need to use a brush or tissue to clean the surface of the shoes.


Oversized fur outerwear
What can be warmer than a furcoat? But this isn't you fuddy, duddy, grandma's furcoat, it's trendya nd cute! And it looks so soft and cozy. The crop top and skinny shorts gives her a sexy California look and it's perfect for the weather that's warm one minute and freezing the next. She's ready for our crazy spring!


Casual, Sporty & Lovely
A skinny crop top and denim shorts can be a perfect collection in Spring. The shorts shows her beautiful legs. The dark red outerwear and the black platform shoes bring a cool, on-trend feeling. The cute fishtail braid is very feminine, showing the beautiful color and texture of her hair and it's vernal! She looks charming and youthful, which is exactly how she is!

Black skinny leggings + Black shoes
Black, black, black again! Black is so easy to look good in. Keeping the colors of the pants and shoes the same can create a visual extension and makes his legs visually longer. Black is a magic color. You can just wear whatever sweater, and it will look perfect, and now you are ready to start a new day~

Denim Skirt
Who doesn't love denim? Denim has its own character. It can be handsome, it can be sexy, it is also be long lasting. This collection also has multiple characters. A denim short skirt makes her look so cute and sexy. And her black & white leather jacket with black & white sneakers adds a boyish and sporty feeling. Her collections shows her unique charisma. How can you refuse her if she asks you for a date?

- Amy Gao -


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