If you have eyes or ears you've probably noticed the construction happening on campus for the past like year. I’m sure you’ve also noticed how incredibly loud this construction has seemed to be, I have, its very loud.

Now being on the 6th floor does usually have its advantages seeing as we have a total of about 12 windows that open and they’re usually all closed, so I don’t hear much going on down there, but when I’m on the 3rd floor and down or outside you can really hear every single different machine that those construction guys are using. Literally, every single machine I swear.

I must say I sympathize will all you freshman in the building or in in Galef, or people just trying to have a meal in the café, or even just sitting outside and getting some fresh air and taking a break from your stressful life, because having to hear that construction everyday must be so much worse.

Yes, yes I know it’s good construction because we’re getting a bigger and better campus for the future but really? Everyday during school hours, that’s the appropriate time to do construction? No, I don’t think it is, and I’m sure 99.9% of the Otis population would agree with me. Now, you may be wondering, this post is going to have some sort of point to it right? She’s not just saying a bunch of complaints with no other outcome right? Nope! It’s just a complaint post. Hope you enjoyed my rant, and if you agree with any of this, I don’t know, go write a poem about it or something I guess.

The video below is a sound clip of how loud and obnoxious the construction was this morning April 11th, at 7:30am. Rise and shine my fellow Otis Owls, nothing like a little construction pounding to start your day! 

-Elyse Clark-

*I’d like to make a note that Otis did not allow me to complain, I just used my own free will to make these complaints, so you’re welcome (it's supposed to be this small)


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