I was not a child when I saw my first Star Wars movie. Growing up I knew about the original Star Wars triology because my father had the box set on DVD. I was never curious about the movies. My best friend Theresa, who I met in middle school, was in love with all things Star Wars. I would always see her buy toys, posters, and T-shirts. Even though Theresa and I were very close friends, I never seemed interested in her obsession with these films. The reason for this is because almost everyone in high school loved Star Wars and I was probably one of those snobby people that hated what everyone liked. However, deep down inside I actually really wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I still did not want all my high school peers to think I just liked Star Wars because everyone else did. To them, in order to be a "true" fan you would have to have watched the movies since birth, which is clearly impossible. I know that idea sounds ridiculous, but in high school, that's how it is. By the end of my senior year I thought to myself, "Hey, I'm never going to see these people again," so I decided to sit down and watch the forbidden movies. 

             At first, I was really confused on what was happening in the films but as I payed closer attention, I loved the concept. I kept thinking to myself and wondering how could anyone come up with such a brilliant and complex idea and make six movies out if it. I was just blown away. For these movies to come out in the 1970's they are pretty amazing. Everything from the political issues, romance, costume and character design, to the futuristic concept were mind blowing.  After that I became one of the biggest Star Wars fanatics on this planet. Also, I don't care whether the people from my old high school call me a true fan or not (and neither should you.) 

            Now that Disney has bought Star Wars from George Lucas the whole world is exploding with endless toys, memorabilia, posters, makeup, cars, fan art, clothing, and even kitchenware! All of these products are Star Wars themed and the fan base is just loving it. With Disney promoting the crap out of Star Wars, it is impossible to go anywhere and not see something Star Wars related. I wonder if George Lucas is just sitting on his couch next to his pile of money thinking, "Damn, should have never sold it". I love and hate Disney at the same time for buying Star Wars off of George Lucas. This is because I hate how Disney is becoming a monopoly for children's films but I love how they are making a 7th Star Wars movie and creating unique Star Wars products! The new film, "The Force Awakens" will be coming out on December 18th of this week so if you have not gotten your tickets I suggest you get them now if there are any left! Happy Holidays and "May the force be with you!" (R2D2 beep).

Some of my Star Wars stuff

My favorite PEZ Dispensers

- Marlene -


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