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New Year's Eve is just around the corner and many of us will be locking lips with the ones we love or at least lust. Here's one story about that kiss!

My First New Year’s Kiss

The clock strikes midnight. People rejoice for lasting another year, fire works crackle in the smokey black sky, and some hope for that blissful first kiss to start the New Year’s right. That “New Year’s kiss” everyone fantasized for was my mission ever since I was eleven. My big brown wishful eyes would dream, while blaming High School Musical’s big New Year’s kiss for giving me high standards on how it should happen. Surprisingly after six years of dreaming, it came true.
Having an annual New Years Eve party was normal in the Komine household, the usual dressed up rich creatures came to celebrate, animals that appeared only for the food and even sleazes who would sneak in for the breath taking view. This year was different, my parents let my sister and I throw our own little celebration with some friends. Jumping with excitement we could not waste any second. Delivering great news to the chosen ones, I stumble on one organism, but not just any organism but a sweet, witty, attractive and gentle organism. I of course gave him an invite, hoping I could steal a kiss.
Hours pass, and the moon did her routine of chasing the sun wishing she could be with him. I anxiously sat twiddling my fingers while imagining how many ways my first New Years Eve kiss would happen. Minute by minute faces were showing, but at 9:43 was the arrival of this beautiful organism (I only remembered because he called me and it’s on my phone). The room was spinning and God’s angels were singing, he finally came to bargain my kiss.
11:50 struck, all fortunate souls ran towards the pool deck to watch the appearance of the New Year before their eyes. Voices chanted the count down starting from 10, and I started to wonder if this was going to finally be. To 9, hoping on a miracle to see if it even will. Jumping towards 1, to “Happy New Year!” He perfectly laid his lips onto mines as if cameras were watching, the fireworks were on queue as if his sweet soul planned it. Gleaming his selfless self into my hungry eyes I questioned, “that was it?” As I patted his back I walked back to the room feeling the applause from an audience that I would pay to care, I finally accomplished my six-year goal. I got my “New Year's Kiss.”

- Aja -


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