Here are some fabulous stories of Turkey Day love and dysfunction!

For Thanksgiving we don’t eat traditional foods, we eat Korean food. Two years ago, at my cousin’s place my uncle was cooking lobster. And one of my cousins gets there and immediately starts yelling, banging his fork and knife on the table,  "What is this?! I was expecting turkey, gravy, and stuffing! I don’t want no stinking lobster!" And I just kept saying, “Just calm down dude, it’s going to be ok." No matter what we did he would not calm down for some reason. So he made us go to the closest super market to get him a turkey. He ate the entire turkey himself. Oh yeah and by the way he’s a freshman in college now. 

In my family, everyone comes together and makes a different dish. It is easier for everyone to do that instead of one person having to do all of the cooking.

Every Thanksgiving my family comes to my house and it’s usually about thirty people at dinner. It’s pretty funny because people get really drunk and embarrass themselves but it’s alright ‘cause it’s Thanksgiving.

My family goes up to Yosemite to hike. So it’s like a fourteen person hike and we have ham sandwiches. We reach the peak of the mountain, eat, come back down and make Thanksgiving dinner. Then the next day we go on another hike and we have thanksgiving sandwiches which are my favorite!

Ok, I have an idea, not a story. It’s my million dollar idea. I want to open up a restaurant called Thanksgivings and it’s basically cafeteria style. All these old ladies make the food in the morning and the place is a living room setting with old school classic NFL games going on all the time. There would also be beer served. And at night time the restaurant shuts down and people can get the left over specials that we serve until four in the morning which is a Thanksgiving sandwich drive through style. Every year on Thanksgiving, for the people, who don’t have anywhere to go, we say, "You can celebrate Thanksgiving at Thanksgivings," and we take their picture and put it on the wall so Thanksgivings would be like their new family. It’s my favorite idea, I’ve put a lot of thought into it. 

So every Thanksgiving, I have to celebrate with my mom’s side of the family, my dad’s side, my great aunt’s, and my friends place who have their Thanksgiving the Wednesday before because there are way too many people. So basically I’m running around all the time. Yay, for divorced parents!

Last year for Thanksgiving, we brought the entire family together. My parents decided to buy an actual goat to cook up. So we had to pick out a goat to pretty much have it get killed. I was devastated by that. They skinned it and it was disturbing. I actually ended up taking the skull to draw it later.

We had a large tub of meat that we were cooking it in and I’m sad to say, it was amazing! Some people that came over decided they didn’t want to eat it and went to buy McDonalds. Then during grace, people were talking over my family praying and my parents were like a-----. Then my aunt got upset and threw some food which caused everyone to start fighting. We decided not to do anything this year.

- Brijae -


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