Fashion can do a lot of things, it can be a statement for personal expression, or it can be a way to dress like the people who influence you. Whether you dress to inspire people, or you’re putting on clothes you saw someone else wear, you make a conscious decision when you get dressed each morning. This week I wanted to look at different styles and look at the different ways people accomplish this task of getting dressed in the morning. 

His blue tie-dye swirl t-shirt matches with his blue socks, matching color with black is a simple way to add color to your wardrobe.

“Schooling art school black” the all black uniform gets a welcome update with a graphic dash but keeps it calm, cool and minimalist with matte black frames and ceramic accessories. 

Hawaiian prints have hit menswear like a tropical storm, and unlike past tropical hued shirts this season's interpretations arrive on a bigger scale and in somber tones.

"Scale and summer.” When temperatures refuse to drop well into October, less clothing means more comfort, especially when pulling long hours in the fine arts building. Large seasonal graphics carry off this simple playsuit.

 Leggings are a staple to many. Try breaking up the routine with a patterned pair.

Boiling weather and frigid classrooms can leave you with a wardrobe in constant flux. Easy on, easy off layering like this lengthy cardigan and knee high socks keep things hot, or cold.. 

Loud and louche is the mode for more than a few at Otis, lost on your way to LAX international departures perhaps?

- Maggie & Robert -


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