If you haven't already started watching this show, watch it. Just watch it. Your life needs this. The plots are creepy and meandering, so if you think you're a great guesser, guess again. There are so many weird twists and turns that are completely unexpected, and make the show so enjoyable. 

Characters who seem so kind and caring in one episode, may very well be possessed by the devil in the next. The creepiness, that isn't truly scary make the show easy to watch, and not too gory or unpleasant. This isn't something that you'll lose sleep over because of how scary it is; you'll lose sleep over it trying to figure out what might happen next. This is a series that makes you think, and think, and continue to think until the season is over and you have to wait for the next.

Freak Show Episode One:

A killer clown, conjoined twins, a bearded lady, a lobster boy, and the world's smallest lady make one heck of a season premier. This season takes place in 1952, Jupiter, Florida and tells of the struggles of one of America's last Freak Shows. The episode begins in an ominous tone, an old woman is found dead in her home after the milk man discovers her corpse. Later on we find that it was her daughters who killed her, because they weren't allowed outside because of a certain condition. 

They're conjoined twins! With that, Elsa Mars, the ringleader is introduced and her eerie aura is seen immediately by how she dresses, speaks, and presents herself. With this new set of recruits, Mars hopes that they will help save her freak show, and keep her in business. 

As the episode goes on, we meet most of the freaks and what they bring to the circus. All of them have some sort of disfigurement, adding to the chill factor as well as character development. Several of the cast members are actually disfigured, and their appearances add to the appeal of the season's plot, and also show what sort of personal struggles they may have had.

Many have said that this new season doesn't seem as scary or creepy as the previous ones, but I have a feeling that the fright is being saved for the following episodes. There were definitely some jumpy scenes that made me cringe, but the scariest part of this first episode was definitely this:

I mean, talk about nightmares becoming a reality! Not only is this guy the scariest thing in existence, he's also a murderer. Have fun sleeping tonight. 

- Jackie -


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