Greg's bead work shown in NYFW

The first week of September was New York Fashion Week and there were many astounding talents showing. Among them was Greg Ross, a senior in Product Design.

Greg, an Assistant Designer for the LA based fashion brand Libertine, helped stage the brand's runway show fo New York Fashion Week. I caught up with him just after the lights came down on what was a defining day for the young designer.
It was a post show afterparty, a mode of moda, decidedly French, and if you're in the know a “dark-streetwear-rick-owens-culty” kind of place where Greg blended in. The two floors were darkly lit, densely packed and cloaked in the ambiance of a crowd both secret, secular and familiar.

RS: What was your takeaway from showing it NYFW? Did it match your expectations?

GR: Very proud, everything comes together so well on the actual models, the perspective gives you an appreciation for what you have done. After so many months working on designs you get lost in it. Seeing it all come together is amazing.

RS: You've managed to accomplish an incredible amount in fashion while staying in school in LA. Any advice for others on that path?

GR: Don't listen to your teachers, don't live in the school bubble, look outside of school and find what you want then make it happen. Whatever it is you want to do, don't wait for it and don't sit still, keep working, keep moving forward

RS: Is there a piece from the collection you count as a favorite?

GR: There isn't one piece that I can single out, we all worked so heavily on the designs. I am very happy with the prints used in the collection and the beaded nails details on the models, those where ideas I came up with and was happy to see on the runway.

Only a few hours after the show finished, I asked Greg to run me through the show on my iPhone. Greg pointed out the beaded nails of the models, white with inch long loose tassels of strung beads. This small but ingenious styling is typical of Libertine’s approach, simplified silhouettes drenched in recycled and re-interpreted handwork. 

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Greg Ross in contemplation

- Robert -


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