Often at Otis you can hear students complaining about how much work they have to do and how little time they have for anything else. There is a heavy workload here and at times it can get pretty stressful. There are many ways to cope with this stress and some of it can be done in just twenty or thirty minutes.

Something as simple as exercising can really help reduce this stress we’re all under, as long with dozens of other benefits. Even though students claim they don’t have time to exercise, it has been proven that even just a short 20 minute workout or jog can help energize you and keep you more focused.

That twenty minutes you took out of your homework time might keep you focused enough to finish your work earlier than you expect. Along with focusing better it also boosts your memory, reaction time, and concentration. All of those can help your performance at school. Lastly, exercising keeps you healthy and looking good, improving your self confidence. These are just a few of the many benefits of exercising.

Staying Active

When it comes to working out time and lack of resources makes it difficult. There’s good news! With a few simple workout routines you can stay active throughout the day without needing to go to a gym or use special equipment. These 5- 20 minute workout routines make it possible for everyone to exercise.


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