When I try new things, there is always a great story to tell. I’m always seeking adventure, and I like to think I’m open-minded. But one thing I was not prepared to try was Indian food. I love trying new foods, but there are exceptions. And Indian food was on that list. I was hanging out with a friend at her house when we both agreed to order food. She went into the other room to order, and when the food arrived, it was surprisingly not pizza. But I was starving and it smelled pretty good. Plus I didn’t have any other option, except cereal. I decided to try it, but I had to get a tutorial first. Here is what she told me to do:

First, to get a perfect bite, put rice on your plate, then drape it with enough curry and make sure you get some meat. Mixing it is up to you (I prefer to) and then rip a piece of naan (I recommend Garlic Naan) and eat it with the curry rice.

I ended up eating more than her and hogged all of the naan. The chicken tiki marsala made the jasmine rice magical. The lamb curry had its own kick. I don't favor lamb, but I didn't miss out on the curry. I think I might have inhaled at least four samosas. The baked appetizer entree with vegetables inside made me forget I was actually eating vegetables. But there is no right or wrong way to eat it unless you just sit there and drink the curry.

So, if you have not yet tried Indian food, you are in luck because there is an Indian restaurant within walking distance of Otis called Taj Indian Palace. It has a four star Yelp rating, affordable pricing, and they also have a special lunch buffet priced at $7.85. If you go during buffet hours, be sure to ask the waiter for naan. You should try everything they have because you want your taste buds to experience it all. If you go during dinner, I recommend the chicken tiki marsala, garlic naan, and mango lassi. The curry you can refrigerate, so you do not have to finish it all in one sitting. The mango lassi is a thicker, richer and better version of Jamba Juice's “Mango Go”

If you want to be extra prepped before you leave for the restaurant, here are some sites that will assist you, so you are not reading the menu as you would read a novel.

How to Eat Indian Food With Your Hands

Beginners Guide to Indian Cuisine

Also, here's the Taj India Palace’s site.

I recommend Indian food for everyone because it is a whole new experience. Don’t make the mistake of judging food before you've tasted it. You’d be surprised how much you are missing out. Now, I'm ready to try some other new things!

- S.P. -


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