Lindsay Lohan in rehab??? Yes, you heard right. Lindsay Lohan is in rehab, ONCE AGAIN, but this time she claims that she would much rather be locked up in prison than give up CANDY CRUSH!

Candy Crush has become a social phenomenon! People have become so addicted to this game that they can’t carry out their normal routines. Candy Crush Saga, a match puzzle video game, was released in 2012 and has become the highest grossing app on iTunes. No wonder mothers are forgetting to feed their children these days. Here are some Candy Crush addict scenarios we would like to share. Now if you can, in any way relate to these scenarios, you may want to do some research on rehab options.

1. You no longer base the value of a friendship on the years you’ve known your friend. Your new best friend is the person who actually responds to your pleas on Facebook for an extra life to play more Candy Crush!

2. Your significant other decides to give you a little intervention. To please them, You’ve decided to cut down your Candy Crush playing time; therefore, no playing candy crush while occupying the toilet or while waiting to cook dinner. You devise the best time to play, before going to bed. I mean by that time no one needs your attention. Unfortunately you get stuck on level 95. The night never ends!

3. Thank goodness for iPads! If it comes down to going out with friends or playing Candy Crush on your iPad, you’re not that sad to admit that you would actually choose Candy Crush. What are you doing with your life!?

4. You're on a date with a new guy. You reach the restaurant when you receive a notification on your phone. Someone has helped you unlock the next episode of Candy Crush! You try to wait until you get home, but you can’t help yourself. You get into that restroom and play the next level! You can now say that you have a serious problem.

It is clear that Candy Crush developers are GENIUSES! They’ve got 1/10th of Facebook users playing this game. They’re making approximately 230 million dollars per year! They’ve only been around for 2 years. This game has become so addictive that there is even a direct correlation to the rising residential rehabilitation programs across the nation. I mean talk about spending lavishly by buying more “lives.” Now, if you’ll excuse me I have one more quest to beat.

-  Stephanie & Emily -


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