I know finals are coming and we're all freaking out.. but relax, we'll get through it. Not many people know this, but when you’re body is dealing with stress it needs more nutrients. It also needs you to say, “Okay we’ve been through a lot this week and a little break wouldn’t hurt.”

There is never a day when I don’t come across someons who is totally stressed. It could be homework, their job, or something personal. Often it is the constant and overwhelming workload from school. People will blame this for having little to no time to do anything else. I feel for these people. But the fact is, it is important to break the same routine once in awhile and doing so is a lot easier than you think. All it takes is a little time for exercise and the willingness to put good food in your body.

Here's a list that will help you get started. It's helped me!

    Take time off for yourself. Okay this one is easy, kind of. Even if it's just a few minutes or even a few times during the day, making that time for yourself. Obviously, the more time you can make for yourself, the better. But the main thing to be aware is not actually the time, but the focus. Do your best to concentrate on you, and forget all that Otis stress for a while.
Exercise. Now that’s a tough one for most. Maybe you already exercise or you don’t. If you do then you’re already on a good path. Exercise makes your body function better, cleans out toxins from the body, reduces anxiety, and keeps you feeling and looking good. Everybody wins. Go jog, swim, bike, hike - just get the heart pumping. 

    Stay hydrated. I know you always hear “DRINK WATER, IT’S IMPORTANT,” but we never do. Especially here at Otis, we drink Monsters like it's water. If that’s you, cut down the Monster and replace it with water. It hydrates and cleanses your body, eliminates toxins, and helps ease the hunger. Just force yourself to drink a few glasses of water a day and you're good to go. If it’s really that hard, I suggest buying water flavoring powders or liquids. They’re awesome. 

    Eat breakfast. Personally, I don’t eat breakfast, but most people absolutely need their breakfast in order to get through the day. If you’re one of those people, have your breakfast. If you like to eat fatty, fried, sweet food, this is the time because you'll have the whole day to work through the calories. If you want to do it right, in addition to caffeine, make sure you have protein, like eggs or yogurt and a piece of fruit. Keep it simple and to go.


    Tea, tea, tea. Zero calories and tons of antioxidants—which kicks stress’ butt by the way—who wouldn’t want all of that? 

    Meditate. Focusing on breathing is yet another way to lower the pressure cooker. Sit or stand quietly, take a deep breath, fill your belly with as much air as you can. Then as you exhale, count "one" to yourself and empty the air out. Continue doing this until you reach the count of 10. Repeat as often as you like. 

    Smart snacking. Don’t eat everything in sight but enjoy what you eat. Instead of potato chips try Snapea Crisps or Pop Chips. Instead donuts or pastries try trail mix or crackers with cheese and fruit.

    Stretch. It’s easy and feels great. Take a few minutes or even seconds to do this. Let those tense muscles loosen up. I would suggest stretching in the morning, because that’s the first thing we all do when we’re up anyways. Just stretch some more than usual and enjoy it. Keep in mind that in the morning your body isn’t warmed up enough for extreme stretches, so be light about them.


      Hope this helps and good luck with finals!



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