Brace yourselves – finals week is coming, but don’t panic! Even though the time has come to study and get all of your work finished, you will be sure to have a full tummy with Food for Finals! 

This semester, not only will free food be provided at Otis, but music will be included as well. Students – be sure to take a break from your hectic schedules and feed yourselves at this event by eating the pain away and listening to some fun tunes!

12/9 @ 9:15 AM – Breakfast Club: Breakfast will be served in the student lounge. Come and enjoy a sweet stack of pancakes this Monday morning!

12/10 @ 10:30 PM – Taco Tuesday: Come out in front of the parking garage tonight and try some tasty tacos. LA’s very own hip-hop musician Craneuhm will be here to throw down some fresh instrumental beats!

12/11 @ 10:30 PM – Pasta Night: Join us for some yummy, noodley goodness! Pasta dishes will be served this Wednesday night alongside music from the very talented Ricardo Estrada.

12/12 @ 10:30 PM – Sticks and Straws: Who can’t resist food on a stick? A variety of fresh meat and veggies will be served this Thursday night, along with music by Justin Janer!

Food for Finals is the most anticipated student event all year-round, and it happens at the end of each and every semester at Otis. Otis’ rigorous finals schedule has a tendency to cause students forget to eat, however, this event was created to help students through this difficult week by providing a break for everyone with some great food and relaxation. 
So, come on and kick back and enjoy some delicious goodies with everyone during Food for Finals!


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