Good Times, Good Times
by Richard Turner

‘Twas the holiday before Christmas
And despite all the cheer
Among the appealing aromas
Was a dark sense of fear

Our family events
Are chocked full of drama
Someone’ll get drunk
My dad, aunt or mama

This particular Turkey Day
I was about nine or ten
I stayed outta the way
To protect life and limb

Everything seemed fine
(it could be scary that way)
But there was booze and there was wine
So you could count on a fray

It began in the kitchen
As it so often did
I forget all the bitchin’
I was still just a kid

But it got angry - it got heated
And a carving knife was nearby
In the E.R, Dad was treated
I think it’s pretty obvious why

You can have yourself a lil’ drink
Or maybe even a double
But stomping Mom’s glasses, I think
Is a sure sign of trouble

But deep down there was love
Our emotional anchor
Despite all the blood
And amidst all the rancor

Now, I know it sounds crazy
These family crimes
But they’re my holiday memories...
Good times. Good times.


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