KJ's Diner 

Attention Otis students! Have you found yourself getting tired of the same old food at the Otis Cafe?If you are looking for an alternate joint where you can grab some food during your breaks, look no further than right across the street at KJ's Diner.

KJ’s Diner has a 15% Otis student discount, which makes most menu items cheaper than the Otis CafĂ©. KJ’s serves classic diner food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They also have daily specials that mark certain menu items down to $5 until 11:00am. Most portion sizes are large and filling. And if you’re a coffee drinker and need some extreme caffeine intake, KJ’s offers free coffee refills. 

The food food items that are always included on the $5 Breakfast Specials are the breakfast burritos, short stack pancakes, pancake combo, Belgian waffle and the cereal combo. (Remember; their items are only $5 until 11:00am.)

This quaint diner has cozy booths in the front facing the street as well as a secret back room area with dim lighting and a fancier feel along with free wifi.

KJ’s is also connected to a bowling alley and arcade called El Dorado Lanes. The arcade includes Time Crisis 4, air hockey, and billiards, great games you can play competitively with friends on short breaks - although you'll need a lot of quarters.

Don’t be afraid of being late to class, KJ’s is only a minute away from the Ahmanson building, and even closer to the fine arts and product design buildings.

If you are ever feel like taking a break from the same old routine on the Otis campus, why not relieve some stress and try somewhere new. Spend less, eat more, and have some fun with your friends at KJ’s.

Mr. Anderson


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