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In conjunction with Spaces Between – a series of exhibitions, workshops, talks and performances exploring the dimensions of the supernatural currently being presented by LMU and Otis – artist and educator Ruth Ann Anderson will be hosting a workshop at Otis focusing on accessing one’s spiritual self through the creation of a handmade artist book.

Meet the Instructor: Ruth Ann Anderson
Ruth Ann Anderson is a professional artist and teacher at Otis and California State University at Northridge. Her prime focus as an artist is on earth, the elements, as well as harmony among all life. Much of her art includes sculpture, performance, site specific installations, drawings as well as public artwork. Each year, she creates a writing journal for women focused on the lunar month beginning with each Full Moon, for the lunar cycle is a very big focus in her artwork.
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Above are only a few of Anderson’s oil pastel drawings in her series dubbed Northwest Moons, which was made for the 2014 writing journal in which she is currently producing. The images are made in oil pastel and pencil. Northwest Moons is currently being showcased (along with more of her moon-centric artwork) at the Otis Ben Maltz Gallery – be sure to check it out while you can!

Workshop Details
In her upcoming workshop, Anderson will encourage you to focus on accessing your spiritual self through the creative process of developing your personalized and self-made artist book. During this time, you will explore a more spiritual approach to art-making, including the use of self-reflection, transformation, as well as the recurrent and consistently-cycling nature of the full moon. Class materials will already be included, and all students are welcome to participate in creating their own art book – so free up your mind (and your schedule) and consider registering for this very transformative and spiritually-invocative workshop!
When: Saturday, November 16th 9 AM – 4 PM
OTIS Ahmanson Hall, 1st Floor Check-in
To register: 310.665.6950 or go to (Reg # 25401)
$75 (Credit is not accepted)



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