Tapping the Third Realm explores the limitless regions of the supernatural through a wide array of mind-bending artworks.

As one of the exhibits presented by the Otis College of Art and Design and Loyola Marymount University’s Spaces Between series, Tapping the Third Realm at the Ben Maltz gallery highlights the works of artists who deal with their ideas of spirituality through conjuring, collaboration, communication and chance.

What is the third realm?
The “third realm” can be viewed as a space between life and death, as well as art and life. It is a world of the invisible, subconscious, intuitive, non-rational and uncanny. In this space, seemingly irrational and unknown types of knowledge may be discovered, expressed, and received.

The artists included in this exhibit all utilize their various techniques and abilities in order to explore this third realm – imbuing their work with their own spiritual, metaphysical, and alchemical practices and beliefs. From Cliff Garten’s crystallite commentaries on human consciousness to Gilah Yelin Hirsch’s Mandala-like oil paintings influenced by spiritual conditions, the exhibit spans a wide range of various cultures, religious practices, and views on spirituality that explore the true depth of the third realm.

What kind of new worlds will you see, and where will this spiritual journey take you? Discover your path by stimulating and challenging your mind this October with Tapping the Third Realm.

(Artwork differs at each location)



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