Burn 200 Calories With Short Exercises!

Now I know I'm probably making it sound easier than it actually is, because it requires you putting in some work and breaking a sweat. I understand, we've all got projects to work on, papers to write, and sleep to catch up on. Before you decide to stop reading this, let me enlighten you on this one interesting fact I read on the American Physiological Society website. To keep it short and sweet, this study shows that you only need 2.5 minutes of intense exercise in order to spur an all day calorie burn - I'm talking 200 calories worth.

Pretty shocking right? So instead of using those 2.5 minutes scrolling through Facebook of Instagram, (since I'm sure that's the only amount of time you spend on it per day) sacrifice that time to do these set of exercises I'm about to give you.

Break these into 30 second intervals, and seriously put your best into it- get that heart almost beating out of your chest! Good luck.



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