What do you want to do after you graduate Otis? Get a job? Work for an awesome company? Get paid mucho buckos? All of the above? I feel the same way, but to do that you've got to get an idea of the place you want to work at and see if it’s the right fit for you.

Chloe Woo is a junior majoring in Motion Graphics in Digital Media. She worked as a designer/animator at a company called Laundry. Laundry is a design-driven CG, animation, and live-action hybrid production company. They take their clients and their own ideas and synthesize them to make great designs.

P. 323 933 2800
F. 323 933 2888

I had some questions for Chloe about her experience at Laundry.

How was the working environment?

A: Very comfortable, clean, spacious, good to use my own desk and computer. I had two monitors and there were a lot of workstations so I never had to move- there were also a lot of dogs, haha.

How was the interview to get the internship? What kind of questions do they ask?

A: I was very nervous at first, because it was my first interview, but the producers and the creative directors were very relaxed so I felt better. They ask me why I got into Motion Graphics, what I specialized in, what I have worked on before, and what I like the most about their company.

How long did you work for this company?

A: Three months.

What kind of work did you do? What was your role in the company?

A: I was a designer/animator/compositor. I worked on Insurance Commercials, and Major Lazer’s music video.

How was the boss, or other staff members? Are they nice or harsh?

A: They are very chill and professional.

How was the food there? Do they offer you free food?

A: We always have snacks and drinks available, but not a full meal. So I brought my own lunch from home. Since there was a kitchen, I cooked ramen.

What was special about the company you worked for?

A: Usually most of the companies are very strict and not that much fun. They just work all day long until the end of the day. However, Laundry was fun! We had birthday parties where we wrestled in sumo wrestling suits and played Dunk Tank.

How did you get this internship?

A: I made a website, a reel, a resume and applied to many other motion studios and Laundry responded.

How much did you get paid?

A: I do not want to mention that.

What did you learn from your experience at Laundry?

A: At first, it was so difficult for me to explain my designs to the clients or the bosses, but as I kept working, I learned how to talk to them and learned more about the industry.

Here are some lingo to be familiar with when going for a job at Laundry.

- Designer: a person who designs. More formally, a designer is an agent that "specifies the structural properties of a design object"
- Animator: a person who creates animation with the designs that a designer creates.
- Compositor: a person who combines visual elements (Designs, animation, 3D, live action, CG) from separate sources into one-file.
- Live Action: videography produced based on its original animated series.
- CG: Computer Graphics
- Website: own website which includes individual’s work of motion graphics, reel, and resume
- Resume: resume is a written compilation of your education, work experience, credentials, and accomplishments and is used to apply for jobs.
- Reel: also called "demo reel", or "show reel", is the motion picture, video, musical or voice-over announcement equivalent of an artist's portfolio.



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