Hello Otis! Did you know every Wednesday of the week the park across the street holds a Farmers' Market? This is the perfect place to grab lunch because you'll only spend $5 or less on food!

There are dozens of cheep and fun food stands to choose from at the market.

Pupusas, a Mexican food stand, is insanely delicious. They have many items ranging from $1 and $4. A burrito and a drink from this place is only $5. Such a deal!

Another great food stand is the Chinese Dumpling. They sell 6 dumplings for only $5 and are served with a bomb Chinese BBQ sauce.

There are many other foods including the best breads in the world from Breadman, hotdogs and exotic pizzas – yum! I recommend you go and check it out for yourself: you're bound to find something you'll like. There are always different food stands coming and going.

If you are into supporting the local community and small businesses, this is the best place to buy your produce. Why shop at a grocery store if you can buy fresher produce for less money at the local Farmers' Market?

The citrus stand sells the freshest orange juice I've ever had. The owners of the business are great people and will give you free samples of their delicious fruit.

There are also many stands with people selling home-made knickknacks and trinkets.

The Raw Honey stand is home to the most interesting varieties of honey. The flavors vary depending on the type of pollen the bees collect. My favorite honey here is the sage honey; it's a perfect sweetener to add to a cup of coffee or tea.

If you have a crush or a significant other, I'd recommend buying them a bouquet of flowers for only $3. The salesman is a nice guy and has a wide variety of flowers to choose from.

So if it's Wednesday and you are hungry, just walk across the street with your friends. Catch some fresh air in the sun and have fun at the Farmers' Market! Oh, and check out the choo-choo trains for a nostalgic look back at your childhood!

Westchester Farmers' Market
Every Wednesday....Rain or Shine
8:30 am - 1:00 pm
7000 West Manchester Avenue



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