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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Art School. Art Store?


Picture this. You’re sitting in your classroom with ten minutes until it ends, and your professor tells you, “Next week you must bring a Windsor &  Newton Artist Water Color Sable Pointed Round #5 brush, ten sheets of tracing paper and black construction paper.” Now imagine how easy it would be to go down to the first floor and buy those items right at school. It’s honestly astounding that an art school like Otis does not have an art supply store on campus. 

Every student is regularly carrying dozens of art supplies every day yet the nearest store is 5.1 miles away. On top of that, it could take over thirty minutes to reach the supply store, depending on traffic. The fear of realizing you forgot one Staedtler Mars Lumograph 4B pencil and knowing you are at least a thirty minute drive away from said pencil is just unreasonable. 

Now, I haven't been  attending this school for very long but I bet if you gave me a few days and a dolly I  would clear enough space to make a small supply store. Possibly, with the new building coming, there will be more space in either building for the store. It doesn’t need to have every product known to man but even a choice of pencils, kneaded erasers, sharpeners and drawing pads would suffice. Maybe a few X-acto knives as well wouldn't hurt. 

Nick Verreos from "Project Runway"

Other private art establishments give their students an art supply store, small or large. For example, FIDM, or Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, has three on-campus stores; The FIDM Museum Shop, The FIDM Store, and The FIDM Scholarship Store. The FIDM Store offers school and office supplies, art supplies, greeting cards, tote bags, gifts, and Adobe software ( 

A well-stocked The Art Center Student Store

Art Center also provides their students with a supply store referred to as The Art Center Student Store. 

As a capitalist country, it’s constantly drilled in us that we must beat out the competition and any one thing no matter how slight can tip the scale. 

RISD has a building and an online store

In my opinion, Otis is behind in this never ending race. It would also help the students by creating a few more jobs on campus. Think about the convenience, the new jobs, the gas money savings and the absence of the stress you usually feel when your professor tells you to purchase a new art supply. It’s truly a no-brainer.

- Shelby -

Super Gasmask Bros.


From the sleep-deprived mind of a Digital Major comes a comic strip to put a smile on your face, a chuckle in your throat and a lift in your step! And if it doesn't, too bad!

Click on it for a bigger image.

- Manami -

Otis Style


Otis College Of Art and Design has students from all around the world, because of this we get a mix of styles from everywhere. As well as having a very culturally diverse student body, the students are all also artists so they have a very unique way of looking at clothes and fashion. The clothes a person wear helps identify who they truly are. It describes characteristics of a person such as where they came from, what they like to do, and what type of art they’re into.

This outfit is simple but her green jacket with the faux fur collar and the ankle boots makes it more interesting.

His silver tiepin and silver belt buckle makes this ordinary black outfit stand out.

This is sexy, sassy and trendy. The flirty purple mini, the designer knapsack and the painted, chunky wedgies are fun to look at.

This all black outfit really makes her hair color pop.

This oversize button up shirt with gray beanie, oversize red frame glasses and the chunky ankle boots gives her a cool, art school vibe.

Another take on the beanie. This gives it a masculine touch on an everyday style.

The cute black and white dog patterned blouse with ripped jeans and the funky 'fro makes me smile brightly, too!

This simple polka-dot mini dress gives the whole black outfit a playful edge.

Denim on denim is always a stylish choice. His denim bomber is very unique and his pants are a nice twist on average jeans.

- Meng -

With our busy lifestyles having healthy snacks can become an obstacle. Here is a quick and delicious recipe to start a wonderful morning.

Click on it for a bigger image.

- Amarilis & Tommy -

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Na Looks Back


Another year is almost over and many of the seniors are preparing to start a new life outside of Otis. All of you still in school waiting for the day you graduate, aren’t you a little curious about what it feels like to be a senior? Na Wang is a senior in fashion, but I’m sure her experience is shared by others in different departments. Na will share with us a little about her life at Otis. 

Aida: You have had the full four-year experience at Otis, could you share with us one of your most valuable experiences? 

Na: The most valuable experience I had at Otis was learning to manage my time. The fashion department is a very demanding program. It seems it doesn’t really allow the students to have a social life because of all the classes and work. However, as the years passed, I kept learning how to manage my time better. I was able to balance my school work and my social life so that I had time for both. 

Aida: We learn a lot in our classes about our major, but apart from the information we are required to learn, are there classmates or teachers who have taught you other things? 

Na: Yes, I learned a lot from one of my classmates. Arthur is very hard-working and talented student. I also learned from one of my closest friends Sabrina. 

Aida: From the four years at Otis, you’ve learned a lot about the difficulties that students have while trying to strive and be the best. What advice do you have for those who still have time till they graduate? 

Na: I would have to say, always be prepared and have a positive attitude. Sometimes your work is really hard and it doesn’t turn out nicely. Keep in mind to always move forward and don't give up. If you work hard and persevere, it will turn out the way you wanted it to. 

Aida: Thank you, Na. What is going through your mind now that you are a few days from graduation? 

Na: I’m really excited to graduate. It’s time to see what the fashion world is really like. I believe, after studying at Otis, I am fully prepared to face the fashion world.

Aida: So does that mean you have a job waiting for you after graduation? 

Na: I am looking forward to getting the job I want. I’ve already had my interviews, and hopefully I will get the job. 

Aida: I hope you get the job, but there’s one more questionWe have been doing all these articles on what goes on at the fashion campus, and I was curious. Why did you choose to take Ozine? 

Na:Writing for blogs is something I'd been wanting to do for many years. I am glad that I chose this class. I could do many things that I hadn’t done in my college years, such as making a video for my mentor project Isabel Toledo. Also, It is interesting to write about my classmates' experience and learned from them.   

Check out Na's work on her website 
See how she has progressed throughout her years at Otis.

Good luck to all our seniors!

- Na & Aida -

The Art of Walking

These are the shoes that carry us to our classes!
These are the shoes that express our individuality!
These are the shoes that make our feet hurt!

- Rocee & Angela -