Not all of us are lucky enough to score badges for San Diego's Comic-Con, whether that is due to the location, the price, or the time frame, there are a plethora of comic convention events to fit your needs. 

Happening right here in Los Angeles, California, is one of our very own Comic-Con International events, WonderCon. 

Spanning back 29 years in Oakland, WonderCon has moved around, last settling down in Anaheim in 2002.

This year in May, WonderCon hopes to fit even more attendees than ever before, trading the Anaheim Convention Center for the Los Angeles Convention Center. 

The tickets are still available and much more affordable than San Diego Comic Con, whose tickets are going for around $150(3-day badge) and were sold out in about 30 minutes. 

The Los Angele's WonderCon offers a 3-day badge for only $65, as well as single day badges for lower prices. 

But don’t let the small price and lower demand fool you; this is a full-fledged comic convention. Just like any Comic-Con International event, WonderCon is professionally handled (no ball pits) and their programming schedule will be packed to the brim. 

With special guests like Kyle Baker, Brian Michael Bendis, Ming Doyle, and more, WonderCon promises to hold its own against the myriad of comic conventions, even its big sister.

WonderCon 2016 Los Angeles
March 25- 27
Los Angeles Convention Center 

Click here to see event details and purchase tickets - WonderCon

- Jose Valdez-Hernandez -


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