There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. A dimension in which anything is possible, where history can be paralleled in a setting unbound by the forces of nature that have shaped the current world we live in. Through a series of glimpses into one of these worlds born of the imagination you will see the decay of an ancient city, the rise of a supernatural enemy, and how mankind's self destructive tendencies will bring humanity to the edge of oblivion.

A Warden’s Return

Part 1

For almost two millennia, Altier, the City of Man, has been the de facto heart of human civilization and culture throughout the continent of Aldearon, the only continent that humans dominate.

The northernmost stronghold of humanity on Aldearon, the city of Gauruntier, has always had problems with raiders and barbarians from the east of their domain. After a brief period of inconsistent and seemingly exaggerated reports of increased activity, aberrant behavior, and unusually coordinated attacks from the multiple barbarian tribes, news and reports from the north mysteriously ceased. For several months all attempts at communication resulted in either missing messengers or men returning raving of dark magic and delusions of impossible horrors.

To investigate the situation the aristocracy of Altier have ordered the return of Altier’s famed Wardens from dozens nearby settlements so that they can be well equiped and well supplied for their journey to the north. While in the past the return of Altier’s Wardens to the capital has been a welcome sign of peace, many citizens feel uneasy about the nation’s elite peacekeepers being called back to the capital only to be sent away days after their arrival. Fueled by a lack of information, rumors of plague, war, and doom have began to spread through the city.    

Fearing for themselves, the aristocracy have issued the redistribution of the city's guards and resources leaving the already impoverished lower class even more susceptible to crime and discontent.

Coming Next Week: Part 2: Refuge in Altier

- Charles VanMeter - 



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