Want to change your look for spring? It's fun and exciting to start with your hair to reinvent your image! With a distinctive hairstyle or hair color, you will stand out even when you wear a simple T-shirt. Let’s have a look at what hairstyles students chose to welcome the spring.

This navy blue is so rich and adds an edge to your style with cool colors. And plus, the fade out color will look just as interesting! 

 Isn’t the gradient colors from purple to pink gorgeous? The naturally wavy short hair with unique gradient colors makes her hair look vibrant. Pink seems to be very trendy at school and many students get pink highlights done or just dye all their hair to light pink or purple. 

Some girls are more into less bright colors. It looks more natural for this girl to combine her original black hair with pink highlights.

I immediately spotted this girl when I passed the campus cafe because of her beautiful hot pink highlights. There is also a faint purple tint in her pink hair. She binds her hair casually behind her head which showcases her leisure and individuality. 

The bow knot in this picture is just amazing! It is a good choice to use some stylish accessories. Accessories will make you look different even if you do not change your hairstyle, which saves more time and money compared to dyeing your hair. 

If you do not like pink colors, you might try lavender instead! The pale purple looks romantic and elegant which is more graceful than pink. 

Remember Otis students, individuality is key. Isn't college the time to try new things? Have a little fun with your appearance! 

Written by: Xinyi Zhang


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