Even if every student has a packed and hectic schedule, we all manage to find a little bit of downtime to scroll down our Instagram app. Instagram is one of the most powerful and leading social media apps of our generation, connecting people all around the world and allowing individuals to showcase their lives through photographs. Some use Instagram to connect with family and friends, while some use this application to find inspiration, recipes, artists, designers, and so much more. Even if Instagram can sometimes be seen as a distraction or even a time killer, this application has the power to expose its users to creative content that can inspire users. Here's a list of some content packed accounts to possibly add to your following list. 

1) @picame
With their slogan being “Your daily dose of inspiration”, this is the perfect account to scroll through to see awesome illustrations as well as visual metaphors from artists all around the world. One of the best parts of this account is that it exposes the audience to new and unseen artists. This account/website is based in Italy, so with their whole website being in Italian I couldn’t grab much information about them. But regardless, this is the perfect account to follow to see awesome works on the daily.

2) @bnpuff
Benjamin Puff is a graphic designer based in Chicago, Illinois specializing in branding, packaging, and other fields under graphic design. Even if his focus is on design, his Instagram account is packed full of awesome photographs with a great color palette. He does a fantastic job with making everyday objects look full of life. Give him a follow!

3) @gooddsgnadvice
Good Design Advice’s slogan is “The official company of creatives who give a damn”, and it’s clearly shown in the photos they post on their feed. Their account consists of simplistic Swiss Style/International inspired designs with powerful words of motivation. Give them a follow, maybe the next time you’re laying in bed blankly staring into your Instagram app, one of their photos will pop up and motivate you to get up and start creating!

4) @flipphoneadventures
This account was started by my friend I met in history class back in high school. Contrary to the whole world using a digital camera or their phone to take photos for their accounts, this whole page consists of photographs all shot with a flip phone. As the account grew, his audience started sending him their own photos which now features on his account, making it a collaborative page. A hilarious, unique, and awesome take on Instagram, check him out!

5) @themichaeldonovan
Michael Donovan is an editorial, portrait, beauty, and conceptual photographer based in New York City. His take on photography is fresh, unique, sexy, and raw. Not only is he a photographer, but also holds a weekly podcast focusing on conversations with interesting people and strives to show and investigate different perspectives of the art world in this generation. If you want a break from your everyday account, give him a follow and check out his portfolio, it’s PACKED with inspiration.

Written by Janis Ahn


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