Student Voice Association is a student club dedicated to making our school a happy and safe environment for all students. We try our best to take care of any problems students have that occur within campus. This could be emotional distress, safety hazards, or even opposing ideas! 

If you have a problem that you'd like to discuss, please grab one of us. We're on campus and we're here to help! We are:

Alysa Carter

Name Alysa Carter. 
Year & Major Junior in Illustration.
Why I'm at Otis Small classes and skilled professionals as teachers. 
Why I joined SVA It's statistically proven students are more successful when involved in co-curriculars. 
Plans after college I don't know hopefully employment.

Phoenix Owens

Name Phoenix Owens
Year & Major Senior in Digital Media focusing on Motion Graphics. 
Why I'm at Otis I chose Otis because of the wonderful response I got while applying. I had been out of college for quite some time and had many questions and concerns and the staff at Otis was ready to help me. I decided to go to college to fulfill a dream of mine to get a degree. This was instilled in me by my grandmother who made me promise her that I would go to college before she passed away. Unfortunately, she isn’t here now with me, but I know she is in my heart.
Why I joined SVA I decided to join SVA to help give back even more to the Otis students. While I was a Peer Mentor I heard many concerns from my peers. During those times I knew a little bit about how to get answers and make a difference but now as a SVA member I have more of a voice in creating those answers and making things happen.
Plans after college When I graduate this May I want to work in Japan as a Visual DJ for a club or popular DJs. I want to travel the world while doing my art. With the training I acquired here at Otis I know I will be able to make the impossible possible.  

Joshua Chang

Name Joshua Chang
Year & Major Sophomore in Architecture. 
Why I'm at Otis I love art, music, and technology. I come 12 hours north from a little place called Mount Shasta, my home. So this is a pretty big change of lifestyle moving to LA and I love it. Also, I only applied to Otis. 
Why I joined SVA I joined SVA so I could help all the students at Otis fulfill the need for safety and to make new ideas come true. Maybe even help students break out of that shell. Anything to make our campus look better, smarter, and more efficient. I'll always be here. Plans after college I will miss Otis, but I will work at a well-known architectural firm, where I will build my career. One day, I hope to have my own firm. If I do become famous, I hope to build my own cruise line company and airline company. I have big dreams in the future, but I believe I have the energy and enthusiasm to get there!

Briana Miller

Name Briana Miller 
Year & Major Junior in Digital Media 
Why I'm at Otis To pursue a career in film and to learn about how to communicate with others from many different parts of the world. 
Why I joined SVA To become a part of a project that I wanted to see through - the smoking ashtray project outside of campus. After this project I found that other students felt their voices were not being heard and that this student run group could be the difference in building a better community. 
Plans After college I plan on being a part of big projects to produce great work through film.

Elyse Clark

Name Elyse Clark
Year & Major Sophomore in Graphic Design. 
Why I'm at Otis I want to get my degree and have new skills and friends who will be useful for the rest of my life. 
Why I joined SVA I want to get more involved in my school, help it be better, and be able to be that inside voice for the students so they have somewhere to vent their needs and problems and we can fix them. 
Plans after college Step one, get a great job. Step two, get some cats because... Cats. And Step Three, become a famous designer and billionaire. That's all.

To contact SVA, click here.

Written by Joshua Chang


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