Ever since I was little I was warned not to do certain things, well actually, a lot of things. As kids we were told the usual stuff - not to touch the stove, not to cut our sister's hair and stuff it down the clogged drain or not to tie the guinea pig to our grandma’s chair - but the laws in the Komine household went a little further. We used the basics of the Chinese practice of Feng Shui in the Khood. Feng Shui means the balance in life, Feng is the wind and Shui is water. They are both elements that we can’t live without and as they circulate, they keep the energy refreshed and flowing in the earth.

According to Feng Shui, everything in the world gives off a certain energy and can affect your personal chi (life force) and your lifestyle. If used the right way, Feng Shui allows you to improve every part of your life, from your health and wealth to your relationships and career, but for me I don’t use hardcore Feng Shui. Instead, I focus on having good energy flowing throughout the day.

Bagua Map
(8 areas)

The Bagua is a Feng Shui energy map. It shows you which places (like home and workspace) are connected to specific areas of your life.

Growing up I was told to never lie on my feet or have the bed facing the door because bad energy would drag me by my feet. Sounds silly but all my friends do this… You never know what could happen… Also when coming into the house you could not place your slippers towards the door because it allowed the bad energies to “walk” in. As a kid I was cautioned never to mess with the art of Feng Shui or the voice of my Mother, but as any naughty kid I did it anyway.

Having been bombarded with these Feng Shui tips growing up, I always brought it with me where ever I went (I admit it I was scared.) I made sure the Feng Shui of any room I lived in flowed with good energy.

Only recently I started to realize what type of an affect it has on an individual and their workspace. Since finals are coming up, I asked people who use Feng Shui how they used it in their home and what tips they had to generate positive energy for studying and living habits:

“Do not put block the door with furniture because it doesn’t create a flow of energy.”
-Caitlyn Tully

“I heard when you study, try to stay away from any edge that has sharp corners because of the evil arrow which messes up positive workspace. Using soft protectors help.”
- Sean Ogata

“ Should start with making your sleeping area a sanctuary. Having a space between the bed and the wall to allow the room to breathe and help flow the room”
–Taiana Tully

“You’re not suppose to have two or more mirrors in any room, never have things in threes always twos. Also never have your stairs face the door, that means your money is running away from you.” –Savannah Forti

“I make sure everything is evenly spaced, so that energy can flow around the room and it won't get congested.”
- Jake O’Neill

“ I try to add green in any room I relax in. Like my bedroom and living room. I add plants to have a softer and relaxing tones since its therapeutic.”
- Sage Clary

“One thing I do is always have a clean workspace to start any project, it clears my mind and keeps me focused with greater intentions.”
- Taylor Pham

“Always remember to close your bathroom door and shut the lid of your toilet so you keep your money from going out!”
 –Mother Komine

Hopefully these tips will help your chi flow better throughout Otis during finals. Best of luck and don’t forget to sleep with your feet not towards the door. Happy finals week!
Below are some helpful tips for your working space and desk:



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