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From a courageous Aries to an intense Scorpio, horoscopes attracts people for many different reasons. There are believers who actually think astrology can predict their future, while others read just for the entertainment of their fortune being spot-on or completely off. Horoscopes are hands down trendy, so I’ve been given the chance to follow and read “the stars” to see how true or untrue they are. As a fearless LEO, I followed My Horoscope app on my mobile and iPad for two weeks to see what the stars held for me and what my actual reality was. I rated it with stars, four stars for right on and one star for "in your dreams!"

Monday Nov. 2nd, 2015
Well… Thank you. As of right now I am not calm, or relaxed. About a week ago I came back from Hawai’i dealing with a family emergency and missed all my midterms, so those are the two things I desire to feel. Also being an Otis Fashion Student ‘calm’ and ‘relaxed’ are two words that are never in our vocabulary. And speaking about Fitness, the last time I was close to working out was when I wore my workout outfit to go eat...

Tuesday Nov. 3rd, 2015
Coming off of 5 all nighters, I guess the stars are right, I’ve been pushing myself and been going a little cuckoo, but aggressive isn’t the word. Maybe zombie-like? I have a feeling I will be sleeping my way throughout the day. This horoscope was beating around the bush, but a smidge bit true.

Wednesday Nov. 4th, 2015
The only thing people were probably jealous about was that I got my favorite curry and rice for dinner… I swear there is a lot of cheese chicken cutlet curry to go around people! But I am thinking that cup of tea and sofa really sound good, and the only thing that came true in this horoscope.

Thursday Nov. 5th, 2015
Whoa that was intense! Today I felt a little edgy during my hardest class, but I handled the pressure and persevere through my six-hour battle. After reading this I am not sure if my anxiety level just rose up…

Friday Nov. 6th, 2015
What a coincidence… Fridays are our critiques in class where students evaluate each other's masterpieces. I always questioned this part of Friday. I definitely do not have the credentials to tell you what is right and wrong, all I would like to do is give them big hugs and high fives for their hard work (it probably took them the whole night). 

Saturday Nov. 7th, 2015

Today I woke up feeling like a social butterfly. I face timed all my close friends and family, which mad me feel more homesick. Later I headed to Irvine to see one of my best friends who is from Hawai’i. Visiting her reminded me how lifetime friends shake the reality into you and definitely keep you grounded. 

Sunday Nov. 8th, 20th

As of today… I literally was in my pajamas doing nothing besides homework and binge watching too many episodes on Netflix. Thanks for the encouragement gladly will put that in use to tomorrow. 

Monday Nov. 9th, 2015

Whoooo! I love teamwork, but today or every Mondays are a “one man show” type of work. Reflecting on today, my section was getting along with one another by helping each other out while we sew our lives away. 

Tuesday Nov. 10th, 2015

Today is my grand mothers funeral in Hawai’i. Having to travel across the Pacific Ocean is expensive and missing more school was madness. All these negatives meant I couldn’t attend. A lot of emotional things are happening today, but I don’t feel anyone having a “skeptical” feeling towards me. 

Wednesday Nov. 11th, 2015

This horoscope knows how to make a Leo feel worthy! Today was just a normal day with school and feeling a little hangry (you’re very hungry which causes you to be angry.) I did not feel any attractions to my success, but I felt the attractions towards that sushi at lunch.

Thursday Nov. 12th, 2015

Weird… Today I was buying lunch and this girl in front of me forgot to grab her change. I immediately help out and in exchange I got free lunch from the store. Besides getting free lunch it was a great feeling helping someone out. 
I thought it was bizarre that my horoscope was this today. 

Monday Nov. 16th, 2015

Today was not my day. Everything that I thought could go wrong… went wrong and worse! But throughout the day I picked myself up and patted my back because I need to understand that this is only the beginning of great things. Its hilarious to read this horoscope at the end of the day and this being exactly how I feel (even the yoga part).



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