You thought you've seen the last of the Star Wars franchise after episode III was released, but my friend you were very wrong. After George Lucas sold the Star Wars franchise to Walt Disney, Disney decided to milk Star Wars for all it was worth. Disney added a virtual  Star Wars ride in their theme parks. They also added tons of new merchandise to their stores and gift shops. With the announcement that Disney will be releasing a new film for the Star wars series, crazed fans find it hard to wait patiently for December to arrive. The new film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Episode 7 will be released on December 18, 2015. Disney is trying to push as much advertising possible in order to excite fans for the new Star Wars era.
 Late night on Septemeber 3rd , 2015, tons of dedicated fans line up at stores like Toys R Us , Target, and Walmart to be the first to purchase the new Star Wars toys at their  midnight openings.  At Toys R Us, while the fans excitedly wait for the clock to strike 12, a group of actor Storm Troopers prepare for their performance. Theses Storm Troopers were hired by Toys R Us to entertain the hundreds of Star Wars fans waiting for the doors to open on a day now known as Force Friday. Many of the fans were dressed as their favorite Jedi knights and others wore all of their Star Wars memorabilia. While the fans waited in line, a Toys R Us employee asked Star Wars trivia questions. When someone answered the question correctly, he or she received a small toy such as a Yoda doll. This excited the crowd enough for them to be distracted from the wait.

Disney decided to keep the toys as a secrecy in order to build anticipation for the new movie. Retailers needed to keep all the toys locked up; Toys R Us had to close early on the Thursday before Force Friday in order for the employees to overhaul the shelves. This is a challenge but since Star Wars toys are a multi-billion dollar industry, the Vice President of Toys R Us, Richard Barry said it was worth it. This global marketing push also included a YouTube channel dedicated to show the unwrapping of the new Star Wars toys. This channel had reached approximately half a million hits by early Friday morning. Durning the day on Force Friday in New York, hot wheels teamed up with Uber to also promote the film. Uber gave a few lucky fans a free ride in Manhattan in a Dodge Charger wrapped to look like Hot Wheel Car based on the First Order Storm Trooper.

Storm Troopers dancing at Toys R Us store in Times Square 
by Hillary Swift for The New York Times

One of the new toys that came out was an electronic interactive Yoda doll by Spin Master which could teach kids to be a Jedi. This doll talks and moves around with a light saber. Its moves are similar to when Yoda is teaching Luke to be Jedi. This doll is approximately $180 and can be purchased at Toys R Us and Walmart. Be welcomed to use the link below and make sure to see the new film in December! May the Force be with you!
   Yoda Doll with light saber from Toys R Us website
Cick on the link below to purchase the amazing toy!   

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                                  Watch this youtube video unboxing of the Yoda Doll!


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