It's not easy living with something this hard, trust me. People make fun of you, they don't take you seriously anymore, and in some serious cases it could even ruin your life. I somehow always knew that I had this disorder, ever since I was a little girl it seemed to consume my life. I saw constant reminders everywhere I went, whether it be the mall, amusement parks, school, even commercials on tv, it was there, following me. I actually didn't think it was that much of a problem, you know? To me, it was just a way of life, I never knew some people thought of it as weird or un-cool. I've been told by people I thought were my friends that I needed to grow up; I think that's what started all the shame. When I was younger it at least had relevance to my age, but now? Now I shouldn't be infatuated with such childish things, and that's what makes me not want to tell anyone about this.

But I mean come on, what's so wrong with proudly knowing the words to every Disney song that's ever been created anyways? Just because I am an 18-year-old adult woman doesn't mean I'm not allowed to go see every Disney/Pixar/animated movie that comes out, the first weekend it comes out. I enjoy movies that feature singing animals, there I said it, and you know what? I'm not ashamed to say it anymore, and neither should you. ODD, for those of you who don't know it, is Obsessive Disney Disorder, and its an issue that you will never hear about in the media, because it isn't taken seriously. I'm not exactly sure why animated movies seemed to stick with me more than any other genre, I suppose you could blame my parents for sitting me in front of the tv and only playing Disney movies on VHS and taking my brother and I out to see them when they came out on the big screen. Yeah that has to be it, it's my parents fault, I mean those songs are quite catchy, and the characters are so cute it's hard to resist. Alright, I can't blame them for this, this is all my doing, but that doesn't give you the right to think any less of me. This is a serious problem that a lot of our world faces, and I don't think trying to sweep people with ODD under the rug is the way to go. I think the whole world should stand with me and yell out "I have ODD and I'm proud!"

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- Elyse -


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