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Jose Valdez-Hernandez
Editor of Ozine and President of Ozine Media Student Club
Fashion Design (Costume Design emphasis) Sophomore

My name is Jose Alberto Valdez-Hernandez de Ramirez Gloria al Cielo Junior, and this is my story. It was the summer of 1882. The warm, sticky embrace of the hot summer sun was joined by the terrified screams of pre-20th century Americana. Harrison Gray Otis was in the midst of ruling the Los Angeles Time. After being slighted by a time-traveling William Shakespeare, Otis decided that the way to rule the world was through owning the media. Upon his death, I spawned upon this Earth, determined to bring swift vengeance to all enemies of Otis. In 2014, I enrolled at Otis College to continue his destiny and intend on ruling the media and the world.

"You are either with me, or against me."

Self portrait


Elyse Clark
Editor of Ozine and Vice President of Ozine Media Student Club

Elyse is probably the coolest person you’ll ever meet here at Otis… Oh, did I say that out loud? Whoops. What I meant to say was, Elyse is a sophomore in graphic design here at Otis, and she couldn't be more excited to be able to be going to her dream school to pursue her dream of graphic designing. She loves anything and everything cute, candy, or design related(sorry couldn't think of another c word) and is happy to be apart of Ozine and the Otis community


Peter Kalisch
Editor of Ozine

Peter Kalisch is a 19 year old artist and student living in Los Angeles, CA. His work is self ­described as the relationship between color and horror, attempting to blur lines and create new boundaries. Coming from an upbringing grounded in rigor, conservatism, and cynicism, his work often sheds light on the danger, blindness, (or fun) that may arise while experiencing first ­world culture. His perceptions of the conduct he witnesses, juxtaposed with his own personal morals have allowed him to develop an artistic style that is aggressive and dogmatic, with a political edge.


Brittany LaPointe
Editor of Ozine and Secretary of Ozine Media Student Club

Brittany LaPointe is a fashion design student here at Otis. She was born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas (not on a farm). She had no clue that she would end up doing fashion design, honestly. Of course she loves art and fashion design but another one of her passions is dance. Shes been doing both for practically her whole life, except for the fashion design thing... that's still a recent endeavor. She's a self-proclaimed expert in the act of loving cats and also loves long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners.


Aja Komine
Instagram Queen

Her name is Aja Komine, and you already know it... She is in fashion design. Aja is from paradise (Honolulu, Hawaii) and no one knows why she left. She is cutting, sketching, and sewing her way through this year at Otis and Aja is ready to take on more.

Neo Li

My name is Yunqing Li, and I go by Neo, yes! I picked this name from The Matrix. I'm an international student from China and I'm majoring in Product Design. I love to make things and l LOVE SNOWBOARDING.


Cheyenne Gutierrez
Treasurer of Ozine Media Student Club

I am an artist. My whole life has revolved around art and I take passion in what I do. I am a student at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, California, majoring in Animation and minoring in Illustration. I am also a fine artist on the side of what I do to pursue my career as an artist and designer.


Marlene Landeros

I'm Marlene Landeros and I like cats and comics and I'm a sad little person.


Heather Cleary
A Librarian and an avid comic book reader.
Cleary, Heather C. On the Road Towards the Land of Do-as-you-please: Anarchy in V for Vendetta. Diss. Reed College, 1992.
Read More Here


Sung Ju Ahn
Instructor of LAS class, Ozine, and Faculty Advisor for Ozine Media, the student club.

I have been teaching this class for the last 3 years and I am delighted it is becoming a student club. Otis, it's time to unite and communicate!
Excerpt from "Midwife Shin" a historical novel set in Korea.



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