"The Act Of Killing Movie Poster (2014)"
Priscilla Pusposuharto 

It's the end to another year. For a final treat, enjoy the fabulous work of the 2015 Spring Ozine students! Goodbye and have a great summer!

 "Lion Skulls"
Melissa Leimer

                                                                "Where It Started"
                                                                    Rissa Martinez

Alix Gutierrez

"Fashion Sketches"
Hannah Kim

  "Walk the Walk"
  Tsz Cheuk 'BB' Mang 

esther Choi - 

"Cup of Tranquility"
Chaz Inouye 

Jamie Guan

 "Beer Packaging"
Shaofeng Li 

"All That Glitters"
Kylie Cooney 

 "Dim Sum Restaurant"
Tommy Hu 

"Zulu Nation"
Noah Humes

 "Redrawn portrait in Photoshop For Digital mastercopies course"
Adam Shinn 

Jason Massie

"Huntington Botanical Garden Poster"

Sofia Olivas

"California Drought For Kids"
Bernard Franklin 

"Mother & Daughter"
Jasmin Druffner

"Homeless Center Design"
Yanhan Zeng

"Men's Lined Vest"
Andres Alberto Barrera Lomeli


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