Floral, floral, floral! Now that Spring is finally here, what else is more appropriate than floral print? Floral can be easily be paired with a simple black or white shirt/pants This is such a simple outfit to pull off and you can still look cute even if you just quickly pulled it on in the morning. We all know it's difficult to dress nice everyday because of Otis’ hectic schedule, but if you still want to be fashionable with no effort this is a great outfit on any day. The low cut back in the back also gives a great twist to the outfit because it makes it a little bit edgier. 

Layering. This girl kept her outfit very simple by wearing black and white. However, she made her outfit interesting by layering different clothes on top of each other. She wore a printed, chiffon dress with white shorts and a white knitted sweater. She topped her outfit off with knee-length black boots. Even though she's just wearing two colors, the different styles and placements makes the viewers eyes look up and down. If you think your outfit is too simple... try layering!

Pink combat boots?! No one would know that this guy is wearing pink combat boots. He wore his unique combat boots with light distressed jeans and a plaid button up shirt. His plaid button up has blue and red stripes. His whole outfit consists of different tones and shades of blue and red, so the pink combat boots go very well with what he is wearing, and it’s completely unique!

This outfit is very simple and casual. She wore a graphic black and white button down shirt with a leather jacket and black jeans. Leather jackets go well with almost anything, but they always give an edge. She softened her edge with the black hat and the black wedges. However, it's her bright pink hair that gives her whole look a little pop and makes the outfit even more interesting. Sometimes, having one focal point can be better than not knowing where to look!

When in doubt, wear black and white!
This girl wore a simple black dress with white writings on it. Even though it is hard to see in the picture, the bottom of the dress has fish netting which makes her simple dress more interesting. She wore black platform tennis shoes to give her dress more of a casual look. If she wore the dress with heels, that would change the whole look.

Guys and their shoes, what else is new? Shoes to guys are EXACTLY like shoes to girls, the best accessory ever invented! There is no limit to how far a shoe can get (unless if you just can't put your foot in it, of course). These shoes are super stylish and "fly" because I mean, look at those wings! When wearing a plain t-shirt and shorts these shoes can definitely style up an easy outfit and you can still walk out your door feeling super fresh. What's truly special about these shoes is that you can detach those wings! So, really it's up to you if you want to fly or not!

 This guy wore a blue button-up shirt with khaki pants and added some accessories to his outfit. Imagine if he didn't wear the tie, the belt, or even the watch. The little accessories he added make his outfit a fashionable one. Whether it’s for boys or girls, accessories make a big difference. So go add some accessories to your outfits!

 - Esther and Hannah -


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