I’ve been coming to this place to eat since I found out about it three years ago. This place has a good mixture of foods from tacos, burritos, and different types of fried rice plates. The prices are reasonable considering its’ location in the center of Venice where it’s known for its extreme high prices. As you can see in my picture, the interior decoration in the cafe gives customers a great eating environment. I would highly consider trying the tacos or burritos but if you’re really hungry I would recommend the Brutus Salad. This salad is the exact opposite of a typical Salad. It’s loaded with crispy tater tots, steak, bacon, cheddar cheese, sour cream, Pico de Gallo, jalapeno aioli with freshly chopped cilantro. If you’re unable to get to Venice Komodo also has their own food truck if you follow them on twitter or other social media you’ll be able to find where their food truck is going next. If you’re feeling a little thirsty they have a variety of beers but if you’re not feeling the alcoholic drink definitely try out their lychee lemonade, this drink will make you want to keep on getting free refills.

235 Main St. 
Venice CA 90291

- Tommy -


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