This DIY was inspired by materials I happen to have. As a designer, it is important to work with what you have. You do not always HAVE to go purchase something—expensive materials do not make it better. In fact, using inexpensive materials to create the same idea/product may even be more fantastic and creative. To think beyond and outside the obvious is the difference between a good designer and a great one.

So let’s get on with the DIY. This DIY is a handmade bean bag chair, and because I did not have any bean bag filling, I substitute foam for the filling. One of my friends was doing a previous project that required a lot of angled shaped foams. The leftovers were given to me, and when it was first offered to me, I did not know what I would do with it. With a little thought, a limited amount of time, and the realization that I needed a chair, the foam bag chair was born. This DIY took approximately, 5-plus hours. That may seem like a long time; however, many of the steps are repeated and are relatively simple. Let’s get started!

     Fabric (lots of it)
     Sewing machine
     Velcro/ snaps/ buttons/ zipper (anything that closes up the bag)
     Bean bag filling or foam

Step 1: Draw out two patterns for this project: an eye oval shape & an octagon. The measurements vary depending on how big you want your bag chair. For my DIY the measurements are:
     Octagon: 7” on each side
     Oval: 32” x 7”
Octagon pattern

Oval pattern

Step 2: Take the patterns and trace out two octagons and eight ovals

Trace twice
Trace eight times
Cut the patterns out
Step 3: Figure out what you want as a closing and match two ovals up on the long sides and sew along the side leaving about 6-7 inches of open space for your choice of closing (make sure all the sewing is done inside-out)
Sew sides together, leaving closing space open

Step 4: Attach the rest of the ovals together along the sides

Sew all sides together

Step 5: Sew the sides of the octagon to the top of all the attached ovals

What it should look like, inside-out

Step 6: Repeat sewing of octagonal sides to oval tops on the bottom

Step 7: Your bean/ foam bag chair is now complete in sewing, but it is empty!

Step 8: Take your filling of any kind and stuff the bag (you need a lot of this)

Fill the bag

ADDITIONAL STEP IF YOU ARE USING FOAM: Cut the foam into little cubes, the smaller the cubes, the better and more comfortable the chair

Additional step for foam

Cut foam into strips

Cut strips into cubes
Step 8: Close your bag and you are done!


Benefits: My alterations to this bean-bag chair were quite successful. Instead of using bean bag filling that is usually very heavy, the foam was light and airy. This made sitting on the chair a lot more comfortable and easy to carry around.

Happy DIYING!­­

All photographs by Jamie


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