Even though she wore just a white shirt, her glasses and headband makes her outfit more than "a plain white shirt." The small diamond on the side of her glasses, although barely noticed, make her outfit look more vintage. The gradient also helps with the colorful headband she is wearing. Not only is this outfit easy to pull off, but it is also very stylish. The accessories can be put on when you do not know what to wear for the day.


Gold Gold Gold. These two people wore gold accessories with their black outfits. The gold gives the outfit a little pop! Gold watches are currently in style and big chunky bracelets/watches and compliment many simple black outfits. Adding a little gold to any outfit is never too much and can always compliment anything you are wearing. The heaviness of the accessory actually gives the outfit attitude and helps fill the empty canvas space that is the human body.


This tiger jacket is very different from what we see every day. He wore all black on the inside to bring out the orange. Not a lot of people go out of their houses wearing an animal-like print, especially ones that stand out this outrageously. This one, on the other hand, actually adds style because it is also a tailcoat. The tailcoat gives the fun jacket a more sophisticated look rather than staying fun and child-like. If you were not able to see them, there are also ears on the hood of the jacket! These ears make the outfit more fierce and show the real personality of the person wearing it. 

neon shirt

This is a very simple outfit; however, she wore a neon yellow shirt underneath to give the outfit some color. Adding a pop of color to a simple outfit always gives it a little edge. Her boxy coat also balances her flow of her neon yellow undershirt. Straight black jeans are a very high fashion choice now these days, and this is a perfect way to wear them whenever you want to. Her pointy shoes also add to the edginess of her outfit, which compliments the pop of color under her monochromatic outfit. 


This skirt is super stylish because it is not a regular day skirt. It makes her outfit super fun even though she is wearing all black. The only things that are in "color" are her black hair and tan shoes. Her tan shoes actually balances the outfit because if she were also wearing black booties, her outfit would look a little too heavy and dark, but the light color of her short booties really matches her light skin. Another reason this outfit looks so great and stylish on her is because of the contrast of her skin. Wearing dark stockings would not have complimented the cut-in-half skirt because this particular detail would not have been as well noticed.

red bag

With her all-black outfit, she wore her red bag that gives her outfit a focus point. She also wore a bulky diamond necklace. The red bag and the diamond necklace allows your eyes to move around the one color toned outfit. Although this is another all black outfit, the little details that she decided to wear makes her outfit stand out. Her peep toe booties are also a small but interesting compliment to her outfit. If you cannot tell, her jacket is not entirely jet black but is a little lighter than the rest of her outfit. This mismatch of black is an excellent choice for other viewer's eyes. 

black and white

Accessories are necessities! With her simple black and white outfit, she added some gold accessories to give her outfit some accents. Accessories can be used to make an outfit look more complete. This asymmetrical skort is currently a very stylish choice of clothing. There are many ways to wear this skort, and this is one of the best ways. Monochromatic outfits are very "in" right now nad the fact that her skort is the only part of her outfit that is white is what is interesting. Her heels have very thin straps and are very light looking which matches the long flow of her sweater and chunky watch. Her gold necklace also matches her watch, which accessorizes this outfit in a very formal way.

little black dress

This overall dress is simple but can be worn in different ways. You can wear it with a long sleeve like she did, or even wear it with a short sleeve on a warmer day. The black booties go with the outfit, especially as we are still in the fall season. The print on her black dress actually makes it original. The little buckles on her black booties are also a small detail that can fashion up any outfit she would choose to wear. Pulling off this "little black dress" is easily done and can be worn on any day at any occasion. 


Casual, but poppin'. Because of the crazy weather change in California, this girl decided to wear three different layers. The thickest layer, though, is one that can be either an accessory or can be used to warm up. Her blue jacket is simply hanging over her shoulders, which adds a great deal of personality to her outfit. Without this jacket, her outfit would just look plain, and anyone would be able to wear it but the blue color of her jacket makes this outfit HERS, and she owns it. Underneath she is wearing a sweater and collared shirt. The collars that show at her neck are always a great pair when wanting to wear more layers during a cold day. The interesting picture on her sweater also makes her outfit more interesting because of the red and blue contrast of her outfit.

Hawaiian shirt

This outfit is original in so many ways! His Hawaiian shirt is a very attractive print and the fact that he paired it up with yellow popping socks makes this outfit extraordinary. Although it is cold in California, he still decided to dress up but still try to stay warm by wearing a black long sleeve under this Hawaiian button up shirt. On this shirt, he only buttoned the first two or three buttons, which give it a flow in the wind and makes it even more interesting. His long socks ensure that his legs stay warm even though he is wearing black shorts. Currently, big hit shoes are the shoes he is wearing right now: Nike Roshe Runs. His are very interesting because they are not the original design but are a gray rather than black and also have personal design on them.


Monochromatic once again! These days, because of the modern world, monochromatic outfits are the only thing that people wear. How to style it up, you ask? Just like this. This girl is wearing a bulky black sweater with a slim fitting asymmetrical shirt. And to balance this contrast, she decided to flip around this colors with her socks and bulky shoes. Her boots are almost military-like and add a twist to her outfit that makes it even more interesting. If you can not tell, her shoes are a very dark red. Rather than being a high contrast red, these boots are very subtle in color that make the outfit more of her style.

- Hannah Kim & Esther Choi -


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